IDI Ponorogo examines Doctor Gontor for the death certificate of the sentry

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Some time ago the lawyer for Hotman Paris, through his personal Instagram account, questioned the doctor who issued the death certificate of the AM student. The 1 minute 39 second video caught the attention of the netizens, which has been answered by the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) Ponorogo.

In the video, Hotman reveals that A.M.’s body was given to his mother along with a doctor’s certificate stating that A.M.’s cause of death was illness. The death certificate was signed by a doctor named MH from Yasifin Darussalam Gontor Hospital.

However, the mother noticed a lot of blood on her son’s body and on the back of his head. His mother did not believe the doctor’s certificate so she struggled for 2 weeks to find out the cause of her son’s death to meet Hotman in Palembang.

After going viral, it is now revealed that the late AM died due to his misbehavior by his seniors. Pondok Modern Darussalam Gontor also acknowledged that there had been persecution. Hotman asked a doctor with the initials MH to examine him.

With regard to Hotman’s request, the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) Ponorogo branch stated that their association was currently studying the case of the student’s death.

“While we are still studying the matter, we cannot comment yet, and in principle we respect the applicable legal process,” said Dr. Aris Kahyono, President of the IDI Ponorogo Branch datecasteSaturday (10/9/2022).

Regarding the doctor at the Gontor Islamic Boarding School who issued A.M.’s death certificate, Eris believed that his party had conducted an examination. According to him, IDI Ponorogo has examined Dr MH. Unfortunately, Aris admitted that he could not detail the results of the test.

“Already (asked), we’re studying the case, nggih. Sorry, I can’t tell you much,” Eris said.

Police questioned 25 witnesses

Ponorogo Police Chief AKBP Katoor Kahyono Wibowo said on Friday (9/9/2022) that 25 witnesses were examined by Ponorogo police in the death of Gontor Islamic Boarding School student AM who was allegedly abused was. Additional witnesses examined were forensic doctors and religious teachers who were questioned.

“The examination of witnesses has increased to 25 witnesses, forensic doctors and religious teachers,” he told reporters on Friday (9/9/2022).

Catur said she also worked with the Department of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection (PPPA) as well as social counselors (PENSOs) to prepare legal aid for one of the alleged perpetrators and two victims as they were underage.

“There’s a psychologist, there’s also support for this matter,” Catur said.

When asked about the status of the alleged criminal, Katoor said, he is still a witness. Because, his party is still biased to satisfy the legal condition for the determination of the suspect. So the position of the two oppressors is still a witness.

“The status of the alleged perpetrator is still a witness, as we are still consolidating our legal position, we will meet that first,” said Catur.