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If Corey Seeger leaves, the Dodgers should sign Carlos Correa

In fact, all this talk of five Dodgers free agents is just one free agent.

He is the only World Series MVP to come into the prime of his career, the only one to take the Dodgers to the championship from the most important position in the lineup, the only club player who can reasonably pass the Dodgers’ title torch. from the last seven years to the next seven years.

This winter is dedicated to Corey Seeger and the Dodgers need to do everything in their power to re-engage him, but legendary fighter Scott Boras is his agent, he will ask for the moon, it will be difficult, and what if they can’t? What if they don’t?

Swallow and listen to me.

If Corey Seeger can’t shortstop and solidify his attack next season, the Dodgers need to find someone to do it.

That someone must be Carlos Correa.

I can’t believe I just wrote these words. I can’t believe I’m writing this column. I absolutely believe the reactions of Dodgers fans when they read it.

It will be something like Joe Kelly’s shout at Correa: “Shut up, damn it!”

Truly, it sounds like madness. This space has painted the 2017 Houston Astros trickster as evil incarnate for the past two years, and now I’m guessing the Dodgers may end up haunting the face of this scandal?

Sip, shudder, yeah.

Undoubtedly, it reads like a clickbait. The Astros, led by Correa, tricked the Dodgers into the World Series, affecting their careers and changing their legacy indelibly, but now I’m asking them to put on Dodgers’ uniforms on a free agent?

If they can’t hold Seeger, well, sigh, yes.

For those who say they can just replace Seeger with Treya Turner, I would point to a postseason career average of 0.228 with a 0.561 baseline percentage and a bad October record. Turner, with one more year left on his contract, has not been the player the Dodgers desperately need.

Houston Astros shortstop Carlos Correa doubles against the Chicago White Sox.

Houston Astros shortstop Carlos Correa doubles up against the Chicago White Sox during the second ALDS game on Oct.8.

(David J. Phillip / Associated Press) #

Meanwhile, Correa has a career OPS of 0.849 in the postseason with such a penchant for big hits, after Homer’s recent playoffs against the Boston Red Sox, he patted his wrist and shouted to his teammates, “It’s my time!”

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It really is Correa’s time, and if Seeger doesn’t show up, the Dodgers should grab him, even if all the anecdotal evidence involving fans and team players says no.

First, the fans. At first they will hate it, and even for what I have raised, they will hate me. Correa was booed and bullied by Chavez Ravin last August like no other player in recent history. The fans accompanied his every move with the chant of “Cheater”. Before the game, they threw his training homeras back onto the field and threw balls at him during the game. It seemed ugly and unsettling to everyone except Correa.

Do you remember how he reacted? In two games, he had two hits, two runs and a bombardment of a long home run, which he celebrated by running around the bases with his palm to his ear.

In these games, as in many games of the season, in which he was booed every minute on the road, he also posted a career-record 26 homers and second in the American League for substitution wins at 7.2, Correa again showed that he is quite healthy. Possibly the coolest baseball player.

Then there is the club. The Dodgers have clearly expressed their dislike for him since the beginning of the scandal when he went to war with Cody Bellinger.

Bellinger said, “Everyone knows they stole the ring from us.”

Correa told The Athletic, “Cody, you don’t know the facts … if you don’t know the facts, then you need to shut up.”

The feud became palpable when the teams met in Houston in the summer of 2020, for the first time since they played there in the World Series. In the sixth inning of their first game, Kelly threw Correa over his head, threw another inning in, then hammered him to end the inning, and began one of the most memorable taunts in Dodgers history.

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As Correa left, complaining to the judge, Kelly pursed his lips like a pouting child and yelled, “Nice swing, bitch,” before yelling Correa back into the dugout, “Shut up, damn it!”

It was such a heroic moment for Dodgers fans, people were making T-shirts. Now are you going to ask Correa to share the locker with Bellinger and the others?

Peter Dodgers Joe Kelly (left) and Houston Astros beat Carlos Correa and exchange words.

Dodgers’ feed Joe Kelly (left) and the Houston Astros beat Carlos Correa while playing at Minute Maid Park in July 2020.

(Bob Levy / Getty Images) #

This is as insane as the news that the New York Yankees, who were also duped by the Astros and whose slugger Aaron Judge also publicly feuded with Correa, is nevertheless seriously interested in acquiring him.

The baseball front offices understand this. Baseball players understand this. I guess the fans will figure it out eventually. Ironically, the outrage over the scandal over the fraud has brought out the best in the 27-year-old Correa, and the organizations want it in their room.

He never played better. He has never been a better leader, constantly advocating for quieter but equally worried teammates Jose Altuve and Alex Bregman. He has never been the toughest, most booed athlete in any sport, and has a knack for dealing with night-time hate. He has never been better in society, the situation here is not Trevor Bauer’s, not even close.

Yes, this guy was a lousy con man whose stealing helped the Dodgers win the World Series. But five seasons later, it might be the right time for him to come here and make amends.

Still can’t accept it? Check out history books.

In 1975, the Dodgers signed Juan Marichal ten years after he hit John Roseborough in the head with a bat, which is a little more serious than a trash can.

From 2001 to 2003, the Dodgers enlisted Jack Clarke as their hitting coach, although he was one of the most hated hitting contenders and a playoff home run that will haunt the franchise forever.

Carlos Correa won’t be the first Dodgers villain to wear blue Dodgers, and probably won’t be the last.

If Corey Seeger is not held, it would be insane to think the Dodgers would go after Correa.

It’s really crazy to think they won’t.

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