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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

If Islam is not adopted, the Hindu family should be stopped by issuing fatwa: UP police in action, search for accused continues

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After a minor dispute, the people of the village are now pressuring Ikram Singh of Bareilly to adopt Islam. People are also being threatened by the community members by issuing a fatwa to stop their family’s hookah and water, and because of not adopting Islam, Ikram Singh’s children are not being allowed to buy milk, vegetables and ration.

According to the report, the family of Ikram Singh in Parsona village of Bareilly Getaway Was being forced to. Recently, Ikram Singh tweeted a video tagging the Twitter account of Bareilly police. Ikram Singh told in this video that the people of another religion of his village have announced a panchayat to stop the hookah-water of his family.

Ikram Singh complained that the people of the village were not letting him buy goods from his shop. According to a report in the daily ‘Dainik Jagran’, it is also alleged that Ikram’s brother Rajiv was also implicated in a fake case by filing a case for religious remarks. After coming out of jail with this fear, his brother left the village with his family and started living in his in-laws’ house.

It is being told that when Ikram Singh complained to the police, the police also went to the village and took a panchayat and the matter was pacified, but Ikram Singh says that the situation did not change even after the police left and they still escaped Or being forced to adopt Islam.

As such, local Hinduist organizations encouraged Ikram and spoke of organizing Hanuman Chalisa at his home. Seeing the matter escalating, the police have gone to the village to investigate the matter and have also registered an FIR against 3 community specific people in serious sections.

One of NBT Report According to SP City Ravindra Kumar, an FIR has been lodged against three people belonging to a particular community on Ikram Singh’s Tahrir and a police team has been pressed into the search for the accused.

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