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Monday, March 8, 2021

If OSA is not the reason for your snoring, know how to get rid of it!

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Nowadays, everyone, from children, young and old people, see the problem of snoring. Occasionally, snoring is common, but if it happens to you daily then it is possible that it is due to OSA i.e. obstructive sleep apnea. OSA is a respiratory problem in which your breath stops many times while sleeping and comes back as soon as you wake up. According to statistics, one out of every five people in India is struggling with OSA.

According to Chest Consultant and Executive Director of Asthma Bhawan Jaipur, Dr. Nishtha Singh, at times OSA does not get enough blood oxygen due to respiratory obstruction during sleep, due to which there is a risk of high BP and cardiovascular problems. is. Apart from this, laziness prevails throughout the day due to lack of sleep at night, irritations such as irritability, headaches and stress. Therefore, if you also snore daily, then do a sleep test once so that the merge can be treated in time.

These signs give signs

Such loud sound of snoring, which also disrupts the sleep of others. Breath of snoring between snoring, movement of limbs with sudden jerk while sleeping or waking from sudden sleep, turning sideways with restlessness, intermittent snoring,
Head wake, dry mouth, irritability and memory loss after waking

They have risk

Elderly people, more obese people, whose neck is wide and short, whose jaw is short, etc. there is more possibility of OSA problem.

Identification of disease by sleep test

Experts recommend a sleep test if the above symptoms are seen. This test is done with a poly sonography machine. This test requires overnight time. During the test, lead is applied to the patient’s head, face, chest, legs etc. and the EEG of the brain, ECG of the heart, EMG of the muscles, breath velocity and snoring are measured. The disease is identified through the report.

Try these remedies for rescue

Lose weight, take a light diet, take the habit of sleeping on the left side. Exercise regularly. If you are an OSA patient, put a pillow on the backside while sleeping. Use CPAP machine and eat the medicines given by the doctor regularly.

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