If PAC-12 doesn’t merge with ACC, SMU is one of the few expansion candidates

Be very clear about everything that happens in the realignment: The Pac-12 would prefer a scenario in which it merged with the ACC or, moreover, could pick up some of the larger 12 schools and have no need for expansion. group of five.

A “glorious Mountain West” isn’t what the Pac-12 really wants anymore deeply. Yes, a glorified Mountain West is better than dying, but apparently Pac would like to see if he can aim high and definitely hit that high.

It begins with Oregon and Washington stalling, which will make it easier for Stanford not to bolt. Sustainability from those three schools could convince the Four Corners Quartet – Arizona Schools, Utah and Colorado – to remain in the Pac-12. Maybe then the conference could make a play for Kansas and Kansas State to promote the basketball brand destroyed by the departure of UCLA. Adding Gonzaga as a basketball-only member could make it even more attractive to the Zags. If the merger of ACC breaks down, it will be a good recovery.

However, let’s entertain a less-than-appealing scenario other than die-hard: teaming up via Group of Five. This is not what the Pac-12 wants, but it will represent survival, which is better than not being alive.

If the Pac-12 is to follow this path, only a few schools are considered a valid option.

One of them is SMU.

John Wilner offered this overview of Mustangs:

If the convention aspires to gain a foothold in Texas, Mustangs stand out as the easiest add-on. Unlike Houston, he was not invited to the Big 12 and remained in the defunct American Athletic Conference.

SMU maintains clear religious affiliation and is a member of neither the AAU or the R1 research school.

Moreover, given the developments following the Roe v. Wade decision, this is the worst time to welcome Texas politics to the convention.

However, Mustangs have more than $1 billion in endowments and are number 68 in the latest U.S. News and World Report National Universities Ranking – More than every remaining school in the Pac-12 except Stanford, Cal and Washington. (That’s impressive academic skill.)

If Kliavkoff wants to sell presidents and TV partners on something bold, a step into the heart of the Big 12 country is the obvious answer.


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