“If what Landa did at the Lagos stage of the Vuelta was done by a Movistar cyclist, they would have puzzled him”

Iván García Cortina made a significant rift against Movistar, a team that signed him as a star a few weeks earlier. The Asturian sprinter feels that he is undervalued by being left out of the shortlist at all Grand Tours. In the Tour de France he is saddened to be dropped but at the Vuelta he understands the team’s decision.

“It’s because I found out about the tour that I wasn’t going on the same day I was supposed to travel. The Vuelta is different. It’s more logical. There’s no point in going to a Vuelta where you have to win a stage And, if I get a podium finish in Canada, it’s almost the same number of points as being in the top 10. It’s normal in this position that he didn’t do the Vuelta. I agree with that position.” , the Asturian cyclist commented.

García Cortina does not hide that there are concerns about Movistar’s prospect of stepping down the category but he is clear that he will survive when the season ends.

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“Descent is giving us war. The issue of points is something that went unnoticed till this year. Almost no one remembered the points and now it is a very important part. Experiencing the descent would be very complicated , but I think we will save ourselves. Movistar is not in the position it deserves. In the end, a series of misfortunes have taken away the points we won, such as in Tierno with Enrique Mas or Itzulia. We are going to get it because he is sure to have a great Vuelta and I also get points on my calendar”, commented the Movistar sprinter.

García Cortina gives his opinion on the controversial video of the Tour de France in which some fans mocked the prospect of Movistar’s relegation and cited the return of Mikel Landa at the Lagos stage of the Vuelta a Espaa in 2021 so you can see the difference between Movistar cyclists And in the treatment of the rest.

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“Of course it doesn’t help. I always give the same example. It’s like those runners who later when Movistars drop them off for other teams and nobody remembers them. It’s the culture we have for ourselves.” -Is destruction. I don’t want to put Mikel Landa in a commitment, on the other hand. But for example, when he went down the Los Lagos stage in the Vuelta last year, no one said anything or criticized. On the other hand, If someone from Movistar had done this, they would have dodged it. I have lived it myself. Earlier, when I was on another overseas team, everything was wonderful with me and now that I am here it seems is on the other side”, commented the Movistar rider.

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