If you are robbed inside a bank, does the institution replace your money?

If you are robbed inside a bank, does the institution replace your money?

Loss Bank robbery He decreased in mexico And they are becoming less common, during a certain period they came report attacks Where the thieves entered the establishment at gunpoint, threatening customers and tellers, so they took away a large amount of money.

to that bank today Visit, it is possible to see photos People who have robbed banks in the past can be seen in more than one robbery, which is why authorities run permanent operations to find them. its location,

loss Banks have improved their security systems So that their users stay safe in the branches, they implement closed circuits, panic buttons etc. but still some criminals do this. to attack Although it is becoming less common, it still occurs.

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If you were robbed inside a bank, would you get your money back?

The answer is no. Although banks have insurance that covers their customers’ funds responsibility to recover them falls entirely on the customer, but if the money is down Bank receipt Yes, that entity is responsible for its custody and safety, so it has to guarantee it. They usually have anti-theft insurance.

like this If you go to deposit a large amount Try to take safety measures, such as living with more people so that you are less likely to be attacked if you go back. Large quantity do not go alone.

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Ultimately, your money will be returned as long as it is in the custody of the bank, Also if one day you get that money is no longer in your account You can also make a claim to get back the stolen money, but you will do so only if the institution gives you the money. fully responsible,


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