If you can't resign, resign, Cuitlahuac demands of Acayucan mayor


The mayor of Acayucan, Rosalba Rodríguez, felt pressure from the flagrant detention of a former colleague for the crime of kidnapping and that is why she accompanied the journalist Ciro Gómez Leyva to declare that drug traffickers control the municipalities of Veracruz. Are, Governor Cuitlahuac García Jiménez said and he said the mayor was used.

“During the campaign, everybody knew about the front-runners who stood against the President, because they saw that it would be good to get the poor mayor involved – in the spirit of political politeness – to get him into this mess, to testify against himself. Was . . . and they have already used their statements to show that organized crime is taking place in Mexico and Veracruz,” the President said in his press conference in Xalapa this Monday.

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In this sense, he denied that crime is under control in Mexico; On the contrary, he insisted that it was being fought. He even said that the seeds of insecurity were sown by corrupt governors. “Imagine if the person in charge of national security, Felipe Calderón (former president), compromised with organized crime, how far did they go? How did they leave it implicit?” He questioned, assured that in his government they do not make such an agreement.

He reiterated his disagreement with what was stated by the Mayor of Acayucan and said that the municipality is not controlled by crime. “I think he still has control over his municipality. Let him say it. If he doesn’t have it, he should come here and say it to Congress; “Let him make things easier, let him resign and install a city council,” the governor said, criticizing that the mayor only has 8 municipal police officers.

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In this regard, he asked whether the councilor would have any commitment. “What commitment did you make that you (Municipal Police) do not want to fulfill? Or what is the condition?”

He assured that his government would help and invited the mayor to take over the reins of his municipality, “Since he is there, we do not see a situation to establish a municipal council. Let them coordinate, let them appoint their own municipal police, start dedicating resources to them (…) and we will help,” he assured.


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