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Thursday, February 25, 2021

If you keep these four things in mind, then the mileage of your bike will increase, know how to take care

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Riding the bike is getting expensive due to the ever increasing petrol prices. In such a situation, everyone is looking for such a two-wheeler in which he can get maximum mileage. But for those who already have a bike or scooter, it becomes difficult to increase the mileage of their bike.

So today we are going to tell you some ways by which the mileage of your bike can increase and you can travel longer distances in less petrol. So let’s know what that method is…

Pay attention to the quality of petrol

Let us tell you that the quality of petrol has a great impact on mileage. Many times it happens that we get petrol filled from anywhere in the stakes soon. But you should avoid doing this and take petrol from there, on which you believe that the petrol there is of high quality.

Do not change gears frequently

If you change gears repeatedly while riding the bike, stop it immediately because it reduces the mileage and also makes the engine warm. So change the gear only when needed.

Avoid over speeding

Most of us have a habit of driving the bike fast but by not over speeding you can increase the mileage of your bike. Let me tell you that when you ride a bike at speed, more petrol consumes and the mileage decreases. Therefore, ride the bike at high speed only when needed.

Do not park bike in the open

Parking the bike in the open makes it cold and has to face a lot of trouble in starting. In this case, the fuel is also more consumed, so do not park the bike in the cold or if you are also parking it in the open, then keep it completely stuck.

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