If you suffer from reflux, is going to the gym good or bad?

Woman drinks water in a transparent bottle in the gym

One of the main concerns of all people who care about their image and health when suffering from acid reflux is the question of whether it is advisable to go to the gym.

If you feel identified and ask yourself this question, read this article carefully.

The right exercises

Woman Drinks Water In A Transparent Bottle In The Gym

Gastric reflux is not a problem when you go to the gym. In fact, there are many exercises that, if performed correctly, can help you tone the abdominal area and reduce the impact of the symptoms associated with this disease on your daily life.

In any case, these are some recommendations so that you can go to the gym with all the guarantees so that your reflux problem does not get worse:

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Don’t do sit-ups

Sit-ups are not good if you want to cure the reflux that is tormenting you. This is primarily due to the fact that when it is carried out, pressure is placed on the stomach cavity, as a result of which the substances contained in it put pressure on the esophageal sphincter.

In this sense, it is better if you opt for other, more passive exercises, such as those offered by yoga.

Don’t eat anything at least two hours before going to the gym.

Ideally, you should go to the gym on an empty stomach to minimize the risk of stomach acid getting into your esophagus during exercise.

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Drink much water

Drink water throughout your workout at the gym. Make it natural with small drinks that prevent bloating from occurring.

Do stationary exercises

Three People In A Gym Pedal On Stationary Bikes

Stationary exercises reduce the risk of developing reflux because they cause less restlessness in the body. To give you an idea: running on a treadmill is much more harmful in this sense than, for example, pedaling on a stationary bike.

When doing exercises in a horizontal position, try to raise your head a few centimeters.

In this way, thanks to the effect of gravity, you prevent stomach acid from flowing into the throat. Therefore, if you suffer from reflux, you can do gymnastics provided you take into account the advice in this article.

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However, These recommendations alone are not enough to eliminate heartburn and gastric reflux.

For this reason I recommend you Check out the story of Dr. Luz Bianco and how could heal forever the reflux that didn’t let her live.

Out of Opinion and health We wish you much success in your recovery!