If you want LPG gas cheaply, then you have to adopt this trick, you will get more than 300 rupees discount


New Delhi: Due to the increase in the price of petrol-diesel and LPG, its direct effect is seen in the kitchen of the people’s homes. As food and vegetables become expensive, as soon as gas becomes expensive, your budget starts deteriorating. In such a case, if the income of both the husband and wife is less than 10 lakh, then taking these measures will be beneficial. Currently, the price of LPG gas cylinder is more than Rs 800.

If you want a cheap LPG gas cylinder and your (spouse) income is less than 10 lakh rupees per annum, then take advantage of this scheme. Government of India A subsidy of Rs 153.86 was given to the customers on one cylinder of LPG.

Now by increasing this subsidy 291.48 has been reduced to Rs. Apart from this, subsidy under the Prime Minister Ujjwala scheme 174.86 increased from Rs. Has been reduced to 312.48. Taking advantage of this subsidy, you will get an amount of more than Rs 300 back in your account and your gas cylinder will be less than Rs 550.

Know how and who can avail:

The Ujjwala Gas Scheme is for families living below the poverty line. In such a case, the families who have BPL card and have taken the unattended cylinder of Ujjwala Gas Scheme will be given a subsidy of Rs 312.48 on one cylinder. At the same time, gas subsidy is given to families (income of husband and wife) with income below 10 lakhs per annum. A few months ago, the government has abolished the gas subsidy of consumers with income of 10 lakh or above.

How to apply:

Those whose gas subsidy is not coming in the account can apply. For this, first you have to visit IndianOil’s website https://cx.indianoil.in/. After this, click on Subsidy Status and Proceed. After clicking on Subsidy Related (PAHAL) option, you have to click on Subsidy Not Received. After this, you have to enter your registered mobile number and LPG ID in it.

Then it will have to be submitted and submitted. If you do not have an LPG ID linked to your bank account, you can contact your nearest distributor to add it or Call toll free number 18002333555 Taxes can take information from there. However, this work is easily done by the distributor.

If you want to take gas subsidy under Ujjwala scheme then do this:

If you have to take subsidy on gas cylinders under Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana, then your Aadhar card has to be linked to the scheme. Apart from this, your mobile number will also have to be linked. If there is no link, then this process has to be adopted. The easiest way to do this is to Gas agency toll free number 1800 2333 5555 Call and get it linked from there.

Apart from this, by sending SMS in the SMS box of your mobile number, typing UID and sending it to the number of the gas agency, it can be recorded. But for this your mobile number should be registered. Without this UIDAI website You can also link to it. It would be better to do these tasks with the help of the nearest gas distribution in minutes.