Ignacio Valencia, father of Senator Paloma Valencia, died


This Friday, December 8, 2023, Ignacio Valencia López, father of the Senator of the Republic, Paloma Valencia, died.

Until now, the causes of the death of the son of the former President of the Republic Guillermo León Valencia, are unknown.

On Friday night, Paloma Valencia spoke about the incident from her X account (formerly Twitter).

“Today, the day of the Virgin, my father came with her, who became my support and my example. A wonderful father is loving and generous. His illness worsened, and yet the severity of it was forever painful. Thank you all for your messages; they touch my heart at this sad time,” he enthused.

The congressman received condolences from national political figures such as former congresswoman María del Rosario Guerra, who spoke on his X account, formerly Twitter.

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For his part, the judge of the National Electoral Council, Cesar Lorduy, published: “Dear Paloma Valencia. My solidarity and a big hug. Ignacio Valencia, father of Senator Paloma Valencia, died,” he added.

The Democratic Center party also spoke about the event: “How we are pained by the departure of Don Ignacio Valencia López, father of our senator Paloma Valencia.”

“A man of conservative principles, high moral standards, and an ideal father and grandfather. His tireless work in the defense of democracy and freedom is his best legacy. Our solidarity with his children, Paloma, Pedro Agustín, Cayetana Valencia, and family. May God give you strength and comfort,” he added.

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After the Minister of Health, Guillermo Alfonso Jaramillo, again criticized the management of former President Ivan Duque in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, different reactions were generated in the Seventh Commission of the Senate.

Jaramillo, during his speech, stated that the expansion of Intensive Care Units (ICU) has become a business in which, in his words, many have benefited, taking advantage of the urgent need to save those infected with the coronavirus.

“They are paid for every open ICU bed; everyone started making ICU beds; they tripled the beds because it is a business; it is to save people, but the business is hidden there. Because the bed was not full, they paid him,” said Jaramillo, which sparked new criticism.

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“This is the second time that the Minister of Health has come out to say that in the last government they got rich by making ICU beds, and that is a business. When he said it for the first time, I sent the petition right in his portfolio, asking him what evidence he had to say that someone enriched himself in the ICUs, and do you know what they answered? “There is no evidence,” Valencia said.

He added that these types of accusations are made without any basis, with the aim of damaging the reputation of those who have to face a difficult situation due to the pandemic. In addition, he pointed out that the health system allowed millions of Colombians to live in a difficult moment in world history thanks to vaccines and measures taken to deal with it.