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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Ileana D’cruz broke silence on the news of pregnancy and abortion, gave this answer

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Mumbai. Bollywood actresses are as bold as their pictures. She is also seen trolling trollers with the same boldness. The latest specimen of this is given by Ileana D’Cruz. For a long time there was a rumor about the actress that she was pregnant. But they have got aborted. Ileana has now broken the silence on these rumors and has fiercely trolled class.

Bollywood celebs often have to troll about their personal lives. Also, many rumors keep spreading about them. Actress Ileana Dikruz has also been victimized by this. A lot of rumors were arising about the actress’s pregnancy and abortion for a long time. To which the actress herself has now responded. In an interview to a leading tableoid, Ileana has said, “Who tells them all these things?”

Taking a slap from her statement to the trollers, the actress says, “Nowadays people speak and write anything. Many people claim that I was pregnant and I have got abortion. Sometimes I think to myself, who tells these false and meaningless things to them? ‘ Ileana further revealed that, ‘A few years ago people said that I was going to get suicide but my med saved me. I gave the same reply even then that there is no med in my house and I am alive. ‘

Many things related to Ileana Dikruz often become part of the headlines. Recently, the actress had also revealed one of her illnesses by tweeting and wrote, ‘I have now fully accepted that I walk in my sleep. Perhaps it is because when I wake up in the morning when my feet are mysteriously seen swelling or wounds, there is no other way to understand it. ‘ Talking about Ileana’s workfront, she was recently seen in Abhishek Bachchan starrer ‘The Big Bull’.


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