‘I’m 23 thanks to the daily takeaways – I lost weight after breaking my ankle and feel like a new person’

'I'm 23 thanks to the daily takeaways - I lost weight after breaking my ankle and feel like a new person'

A 23-year-old father whose ankle was broken by his weight has lost six stone after being encouraged by his super-slimmer wife. Ollie Cooper, 29, wore a size 3XL at his heaviest and ate five takeaways a week.

He feared he would never play rugby again after breaking his ankle during a match because of his weight and was in constant pain. Ollie watched his wife, Elizabeth, 29, lose 7st 10lbs and was inspired to make a change for herself.

She joined the Cambridge Weight Plan’s 1:1 Diet – which includes smoothies and shakes – and lost 6st 7lbs. The father-of-one is now a slim 16st 2lbs, wears a size large and says he feels like a “new man” and “the husband and father he always wanted”.

Ollie, an HGV driver, from Pendock, Worcestershire, said: “Now I’ve lost weight like a new ankle. “I’m not sick at all, I’m a new person. I’m training to run the London Marathon and I’m going back to playing rugby.

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“It was life changing for me, as far as a life experience it taught me a lot about diet and what you should eat. It also taught me a lot about myself and what I can do it if I put my mind to something. The big reason for me is my wife started losing weight this time last year. I watched her lose four stone in four months.”

Ollie has always struggled with his weight and snacked on food deals and sugary treats. He said: “I was always overweight. Up until the age of 20 I was always able to play a good standard of rugby.

“Inside I prefer to look like other young people. I always wanted to lose weight but I never knew how to do it. Vegetables or salad.”

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