I’m a fan of Taylor Swift and here’s what I think of her film

I'm a fan of Taylor Swift and here's what I think of her film

I’m around 16, the first time I really discovered Taylor Swift. I listened to the album 1989 in my boarding room. Grammy for the best album of 2016 and mostly made by Jack Antonoff (who later collaborated with The king’s feather or Lord), the fifth American album is a kind of anthology of what constitutes pop music, in the broadest sense. Sleek yet accessible, complex while remaining highly attractive, 1989 made the singer an internationally renowned pop star. However, his fans – mostly women – seem to have been branded with a hot iron. So it’s more socially acceptable to shout out a rapper’s hit Kanye West “They”, which prides itself on having “made this dog famous”, talking about the singer. As for myself, I am careful not to shout from the rooftops my praise for the one we nicknamed “Bride of America“. I was just beginning to understand that everything women worshiped had to be moderate, and that the sexism around me had a lot to do with the shame I felt.

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2023, the year of women

Almost 10 years later, things have changed. Many cultural movements have taken place there, starting with #MeToo. Finally, the girls started to get serious. But what about women? They have not fully grown, but seem to dominate the global economy. The proof is the biggest cinematic achievement of the year: Barbie. Since announcing the massive co-production between Mattel etc Warner in the cult doll, it was a pink tidal wave that swept the entire world. As I learned to transfer my love of pink to the decoration of my apartment – an intimate and impenetrable space, it became possible to wear pink, wear sequins, all go to the cinema . Where the Grand Rex, in Paris, is the right of fans of the saga Star Wars and other predominantly male gatherings, all will change on July 19. There are women, they are beautiful and strong. Don’t try to look away: you can’t escape it.

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A similar process took place this Friday, October 13 in cinemas around the world. On the Champs-Élysées, in front of the Gaumont cinema, young women wore a succession of dresses, t-shirts from FOR SALE of their idol, as well as friendship bracelets, which have become mandatory for any self-respecting fan. The room was full of people, and could be anything but quiet. In the manner of One Direction before him, or in a BEYONCE including recording the tour Renaissance World Tour will hit our screens on December 1, 2023, Taylor Swift offers his fans the film The Eras Tour on the big screen, whether they saw the tour or not. In fact, this only happened in the United States and Mexico. In November, it will continue its course in Latin America, before passing through Australia, Asia, Europe to return, in the fall of 2024, to North America. Only going through stadiums, which are sometimes sold out for several nights in a row, this is the biggest tour in History.

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