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Saturday, March 6, 2021

‘I’m a former Raw agent, I need a roof to live’: the real ‘tiger’ is stumbling rate

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You must have seen the life of many intelligence agents on the film screen. Expensive cars, powerful weapons and thrills at every turn of life. But Reel Life’s status and Eshoram, the real-life intelligence agent, have no luck. There was a film – Ek Tha Tiger. In this, Salman Khan became an agent of intelligence agency RAW. Unlike the ‘tiger’ of the screen, the ‘tiger’ of real life is appealing to the grain.

The name of this real life tiger is Manoj Ranjan Dixit. He hails from Najibabad. Dainik Hindustan Report According to him, he went to the DM office and told an officer, “I am a former RAW agent and I need a roof to live.” On hearing this, all the people present there were surprised. He could not meet the DM, due to which he had to return empty handed.

Manoj Ranjan Dixit was arrested in Pakistan for spying, during 2005 he was released on the Bagha border. They got married in 2007 after leaving Pakistan. After some time he came to know that the wife has cancer. He came to Lucknow to treat his wife. His wife died in 2013. He has been living in Lucknow since then. He was working as store keeper in Gomtinagar Extension. Work was missed in the lockdown and the challenges of his life increased.

He had to face all kinds of torture when he was caught for spying on the Afghanistan border. Yet he did not compromise with the security of the country. During espionage in Pakistan, his names were Yunus, Yusuf and Imran. According to reports Like the administrative services in RAW in the 80s, ordinary citizens were being recruited on the basis of their merit. In 1985, Manoj Ranjan Dixit was recruited from Najibabad. After military training twice, he was sent to Pakistan.

He shared many important information from Pakistan as a detective. Many important information such as training the Kashmiri youth by luring them to the Afghanistan border. He was arrested in 1992. After his arrest, he was kept in Karachi Jail.

Manoj Ranjan Dixit is 56 years old and faces a mountain of challenges. He had reached the Collectorate hoping to get government help, but had to return empty-handed. The first condition of the intelligence agency is that the agent refuses to identify them when they are arrested. Manoj Dixit also agreed to its contract. He was financially assisted by several RAW officers on his return to India. After that no one took care of them.

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