“I’m not going to lie about that”: Ariel Wuth reveals who her favorite contestants are for the finale of “Big Brother”

“No puedo mentir con eso”: Ariel Wuth adelanta cuáles son sus participantes favoritos para la final de “Gran Hermano”

This Tuesday, Platinium Club celebrates its 21 years of existence with a spectacular performance by Argentine Celeste Muriega, who will perform again on November 29, 30 and December 1 at the venue. Among the guests are Ariel Wuth, the former “Big Brother” contestant who spoke to Fotech.cl and told us his impressions of the approaching end of the successful Chilevisión reality show.

When Ariel was asked what is coming this Sunday, when the winner of “Big Brother” will be announced, the actor commented that he will attend the final Gala of the program that night. “I don’t know what to wear yet, I’m not good at the gala, maybe I’ll come in a suit and jacket, but I’m going.”

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A few hours before it was known that Jorge Aldonay would be eliminated from the reality show, Wuth declared that he was one of his favorites to win. “Any of the people inside deserve to win, because it’s a mental, physical and emotional sacrifice experienced there… I like Pincoya or Jorge to win, I won’t lie about that, But any of the people who win will be a merit and because they deserve it.

Jorge and Scarlett

Ariel Wuth admits that he continues to see his colleagues in confinement before and has special words for the couple who won the followers of “Big Brother.” Skarleth Labra and Jorge Aldonay. Regarding the relationship formed inside the house-studio, the street artist revealed that “magical, they have to go live together if they want to formalize them. They should be responsible and have fun, if life is one. If that’s true love, let them enjoy it.”

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His relationship with Cony

As for how he sees the participation of Constanza Capelli, one of the best favorites of the program, where he has strong fights to run the bulls, the former participant of the reality show clarified that there is no problems with him. “With Cony there are many disagreements, it is clear that the effervescence that exists at the moment sells, if you put a beautiful action in front of a fight, the latter is more attractive.”

I wish Cony well” The three times I entered the reality show, like playoffs and frozen, we talked, we resolved all the rough edges and a lot of respect,” added Ariel about the result of the relationship with his former partner.

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