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I’m not the kind of man to die before my wife: Miguel Barbosa in 2018

“Bring me water, give me a little pill,” asks Miguel Barbosa and sits down in a chair behind his fine wooden desk. His wife, Rosario Orozco, brings him diabetes medicine and lovingly combs his hair. The lawyer, whom Barbosa met through a mutual friend in 1985, is his eternal advisor.

“She is the woman God made for me and I hope God made a man for her,” he says without further romanticism.

it’s april 2018 and Barbosa is the candidate for governor of the state of Puebla for the Juntos Haremos Historia coalition., A break from the long list of meetings he held before the start of the campaign to give this interview Millennium,

Competing against Martha Erika Alonso, wife and Dolphin of former PAN governor Rafael Moreno Valle, This will be the last political challenge the 53-year-old has made in his public life.

months later, Martha Erika Alonso won the election in a closely fought contest.But on December 24 of the same year, the governor died in a helicopter crash along with her husband.

Successor to the revolutionary generals, B.Arbosa makes sure that politics is a family activity, But never won the election.

Nevertheless, he assures that after the governorship ─ which he was sure to win at the time ─, He will retire and end a career that he himself started in 1994, When, aged 35, he left the PRI, where he says he was always in opposition, and joined the PRD to support Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas in his second attempt to become president.

“I want to do things that I know I’m going to do, but I’m not going to say. We know. It’s not a business matter, it’s a personal activity, which she (his wife) And I decide what I want to do when the time comes,” she talks. about your retirement.

He says that becoming governor and dying is the only thing lacking in his life. And he will do it, he says, in front of his wife. ,I’m not the kind of guy to die first,” he jokes.

,I have already faced death and I can tell you what death is. it is nothing. Not ‘what are they going to do without me!’ ‘Oh, they’re going to be unhappy…!’ No, no, no!”, he almost thumped his hand on the table. “Life goes on, goes on all the time. For this reason, death is sometimes a relaxation, a way of separating oneself so that everything else can go its own way. I am not afraid of death”, who reassures On November 23, 2013, he suffered an induced coma and lost his right leg as a result of an untreated infection. and the diabetes that he “eats and eats and eats” because of being a disorderly person.

The health complication kept him unconscious for 13 days. When he woke up, without thinking, Barbossa immediately returned to who he was: a politician obsessed with his work. All the information that had not been processed during his unconscious period suddenly came to his mind.

“Everything accumulates, there are people who take months to recover their normal life, use of language, but after two hours, with everything and confusion, I knew I had was a very committed work issue,” he says.

Even after coming out of coma, he did not rest. He urgently needed to update himself on the discussions in the Senate on the so-called structural reforms.

“I had all the lead in that negotiation and we had so many things to do and keep and demand and I lost… everything,” he recalls angrily.

almost music-loving leader

Barbossa doesn’t stop. Originally from Tehuacán, he defines himself as a family man, traditional, But with progressive thinking, “who laughs a lot, a lot, a lot and always tells tales”, happy with what he has experienced, more politician than lawyer and always at the head of his teams.

He has been state president of the PRD, deputy, senator, parliamentary coordinator, president of the Senate, and today a candidate for governor.

“The first thing that needs to happen in Puebla is a reconciliation between the people of Puebla. Puebla has a suffering society. Where inequality is very high.e, (Rafael) Moreno Valle turned Puebla into the most unequal state by country. It is a society where corruption is rampant. Puebla is a great state, it has a great people, surely Puebla has the right to a better destiny,” he argues.

But he warned that state election fraud “is ongoing” with interference of federal and state resources and co-optation of electoral bodies and that “the dirty war is still coming against me, the last redoubt to stop me, To prevent that scenario we are in a good position.”

in your spare time, Read, sleep and listen to music. “I’m not a music lover as music lovers produce music, I haven’t reached that level, but I enjoy all music,” he says.

In fact, even before his prosthetic leg, Barbosa was a dancing person. The infection that never healed and spread throughout his body was the result of “a messed up culture”.‘It doesn’t happen to me'”.

He never mourned the loss of his leg, but was “in tears” when he walked again.

“Anything can make me cry. Well, shed a tear, don’t cry. I had a tear in my eye the last time I walked. A man, no. I’m shaken with everything, but I think That my mom hasn’t made us cry,” she says.

controversial and loyal to AMLO

On June 9, 2015, Miguel Barbosa, the then coordinator of the PRD in the Senate, assured that “the arrogance of Andrés Manuel López Obrador seems infinite.”, Today, nearly three years later, Barbosa, who resigned from the PRD and “minigrouped” 12 senators with him in the Senate into the PT-Morena group, is the governor’s candidate for the party-led coalition. of López Obrador.

“And I’m not looking for it, but yes, I am controversial,” he describes himself.

-But why?-

“It’s me, okay… yeah, yeah, whatever.”

He laughed when asked why he said that about López Obrador. She met him in 1996, When the man from Tabasco passed through Puebla in his caravan as a candidate for the leadership of the PRD,

“When I was the state president of the PRD and he, the national president, I dealt with him a lot. A lot. We walked the streets of Puebla, going, campaigning, as he does. “

Barbosa is correct. “I represented the voice of my senators and I had positions and that was when some of my statements criticizing López Obrador’s behavior were recorded.”

Today he recognizes the moral leadership of the three-time presidential candidate, from whom he says, “We must learn everything, many things, every day, and above all, his simplicity. He is an exceptionally simple person. That’s his strength, that’s what makes him different.”

As a consolation for the criticisms made one day against the leader of Morena, Barbosa remembers that Andres Manuel had a heart attack during the days he was in a coma.

“And then we met somewhere and we said to each other: ‘How are you, graduate?’ ‘How are you?’, he replied. And we hugged. Today I am part of the movement I lead in López Obrador’s Puebla.”

it was interviewed Millennium in April 2018, but it was never published.

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