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I’m pretty autobiographical, I really like to write to understand things

Julia He just released his new music project in mid-September: 5 AM. “It’s my first concept album.” It’s set at night and consists of three different chapters that tell a story of dreams and impossible loves from 11 at night to 5 in the morning. About his previous works Dispose (2021) J Neither light nor moon (2022) she thinks it’s more like mixtapes, energies. He has listened to and loved music his entire life, and during quarantine he began to investigate its sound. This December marks a year since he gave up his career as a telecommunications engineer to devote himself 100% to music, and he has realized that it is truly his dedication. “The strong feeling I have for music, I don’t have for technology,” he admits. The singer believes she is teaching and learning her process with every song and live performance. He Love It is one of the main themes and he does not shy away from making hints in his lyrics, even if most of them do not have the temporality that he would like. This summer he started his first tour: A night tour and hasn’t stopped filling stages.

How did the summer go?
It was pretty crazy, it went really well. I’m always happy to give a concert. Yes, when it comes to health and physical exertion, that’s what bothers me the most because I don’t sleep much, I dance a lot and I’m not used to doing so much sport. It seems to be a very difficult task. Fiesta On the contrary, it has made me more focused and made me want to bring more order into my life.

And the experience of going on stage?
It was very new, for me being a good artist means being good at many things: composer, producer, aesthetics, lyrics… The live show is one of the most important pillars for me personally, I want to be a good performer and it was quite a challenge. . I have learned, I am learning and I still have a lot to learn. Every concert I give, the next one has to be better, and everything I learn from one has to be useful for the other. I will miss him very much when the tour is over.

For me, being a good artist means being good at many things: composer, producer, aesthetics, lyrics…

Do you notice any big changes when you hear the first songs?
I see some things evolution. I notice the way I sing is completely different, I have changed on a vocal level. I always think that you win and lose things, that the mindset I had before has changed, or that I see things a little differently creatively.

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When do you write the lyrics?
The good lyrics came out because I had to talk about them. I am very autobiographical I really like writing to understand things. There’s something that makes me want to do this song.

One of the main themes is love. How are you feeling about the exhibition?
I don’t actually care. I explain things in a very universal way and that they happen to many people, while everyone can tell their story. Even I have reinterpreted my songs over time.

Do you consider yourself a pop artist?
Yes, but that doesn’t mean all my music comes from pop genre. My project has a pop look on an aesthetic level: the structures, the meaning of the choruses or on a management and performance level. But musically I have many influences: indie, techno… I also like the philosophy and popular origins of pop. For me, music is communal, although I also have a very introspective attitude when I listen to music alone, and I also have very intense songs. Transferring that to pop also seems very interesting to me in this sense Billie Eilish He’s very influential: he makes super intimate and introspective music, but he managed to make it pop.

5 AM Is it the consolidation of the project?
Overall, it was very important for me to think about naming the title of the album Julia, as if to say: “This is me.” There are all my faces, genres and letters. And I learn by doing, I teach my process.

What influences did you have on the new album?
On the production level, the magical and dreamy reggaeton of Denmark. From what I hear, they seem a bit unintentional on a genre level, I’m very vague. There’s everything: techno, pop, reggaeton…

The previous mixtape, Neither light nor moonit was set at dusk and now with 5 AM You’re gone at night. Because?
At night I see music, and my imagination is also nocturnal; Sleep, bed, night… It’s a language I use often. I wanted to do a story that took place between 11 at night and 5 in the morning, hence the title. The topic is this impossible love from the metaphor that this love happens in dreams and lasts until the dream ends and you wake up.

I even thought about naming the title of the album Juliaas if to say: “This is me”

The album consists of 3 chapters: Find, nightmare j Like in August. Tell me a little about the story.
In the first part I used the city as a reference, it inspires me a lot and I wanted to romanticize it. In Tell me what you feel There’s the girl who sits at the piano at home and plays the song, exposing the impossible love. Then he leaves the house and Interlude They decide to go party with their friends. They walk down the street and go inside FindThey enter the club and then drive home in the car. There she realizes that this love can only be fulfilled if she enters the world of dreams and falls asleep, we enter nightmare j dreamsthe first song.

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What other songs are part of this second chapter?
In Planes fly He lives this love and for me it is a super magical song, with a surreal point, because there are already hints throughout the song: he puts a necklace on it, but he knows that one day it will break… In the end, him opens his eyes and sees that it really was nothing. In the same chapter we also have When you’re coldthe most negative love. T’enxules It’s the moment super in love and then nightmare which is a translation of nightmarethe nightmare that wakes her up, she realizes that this love only exists because she thinks about it and there is nothing more.

And in the third chapter there is already an awakening?
Exactly, Like in August It’s a bit of acceptance and the part of saying: It was nice how long it took. I always think that as long as you feel something, it doesn’t matter what you feel, and that’s why I wanted to give a lot of value to that. It is also a kind of forgiveness. In love with you It’s a relapse and Oh dear it’s an adventure. In the last song, Like in Augustit rings five times because it’s five o’clock and the record is over.

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Is there a song from the entire repertoire that you would highlight for its message or personal affection?
I have a special affection for each one, yes, a song that has shaped me and I love playing it live Etc. broom. Planes fly It’s also one of the songs I’m most proud of, both in terms of lyrics and production.

You have done several collaborations, what do you extract?
I like them a lot, there are super cool artists in Catalonia and I always work with people I admire and I learn a lot. I like it when my sound is mixed with that of another person I admire. I enjoy it and want to continue doing it.

Who else would you do one with?
Con Maria Hein I would like to publish one again, with The pulp Also… Working together in the studio is also very cool and we need to do it more. Recently I was in the studio with Irma and Ariox to compose and help each other.

I will never forget my first concert. I was very impressed when I went on stage at Heliogàbal and saw people I didn’t know at all singing my songs.

Are there any live shows you would highlight?
I will never forget my first concert, I was very shocked when I stood on stage Heliogabalus and see people I didn’t know at all singing my songs. It was a turning point. Bart’s room was great too. It motivates me a lot to give a concert and for people to like it, it makes me want to discover more, it makes me want to improve to help my fans and the people who like my music. to always give the best.

And can you find space to combine your everyday life with family and friends?
For me it is very important that I have my usual core. I am very close to my friends. I dedicate the free time I have to my family and them. They have always known me and I have an introverted approach to my world and like to take care of it.

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