Immigration, the pivot of the election campaign of Trump and his allies


Will Joe Biden push Congress to adopt immigration reform in the middle of an election year? Donald Trump and his party are not interested in giving them a political victory on this central issue of their campaign.

The former Republican president, a big favorite for the Republican presidential nomination, will try to prevent anything that hinders his progress toward a possible new duel with Biden in the November elections.

The Republican millionaire, who is very influential in the party, wants to prevent congressmen from approving the immigration bill after it was negotiated in the Senate at Biden’s request.

“As the leader of our party, there is no possibility that I will support this terrible betrayal of open borders,” Trump said during a rally in Las Vegas on Saturday.

– Records of migrants –

Joe Biden was elected in November 2020 on a promise that he would humanize US immigration policy, highly criticized for the famous “wall” on the border with Mexico promoted by Donald Trump at the time.

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But measures adopted during the Democratic leader’s mandate also generate controversy.

Republicans accused him of allowing an “invasion” of the country. They are based on record numbers of migrants and asylum seekers being stopped at the border (302,000 in December).

Many mayors of big cities and governors from their party joined in the criticism at a time when surveys show the immigration crisis is one of Americans’ main concerns. And they blame it on the Democrats.

– Ukraine and the border –

Immigration was already a campaign issue for Donald Trump in 2016, when he compared illegal immigrants to “rapists”, but now he has ramped up his rhetoric even more.

In recent months, he has drawn comparisons to Adolf Hitler, saying that immigrants “poison the blood” of the United States.

According to some analysts, Donald Trump’s worrying statements on immigration cannot be taken seriously if he continues to reject bills debated in Congress and negotiated by congressmen from his own party.

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The former leader can count on the support of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Republican Mike Johnson, who warned that, as things stand, the text will die as soon as it reaches the lower house, in which Republicans have a narrow majority …

Details are unknown of the reform, which Biden said would give the president “new emergency authority to close the border in extreme circumstances.” “If I had that power, I would use it the day I signed the bill,” he said Friday.

Politically, “Republicans benefit from chaos at the border and Democrats benefit from resolution of the crisis,” explains Peter Loge of George Washington University.

The delivery of more than $60 billion of funds to Ukraine depends on the success of this immigration reform.

At the express request of the conservatives, both issues are being negotiated simultaneously, putting the supply of vital weapons and equipment to the Ukrainian military at risk.

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The position of Donald Trump and his allies is far from appealing to some party congressmen, especially moderates from disputed electoral districts.

They also do not welcome efforts by Republican hard-liners to fire Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, who is in charge of immigration issues.

The risk for Republicans, including Donald Trump, is that the failure of this text, supported by congressmen of both parties, “will only appeal to Republican primary voters” and not the entire American electorate, former Chief of Staff Mark Baer has warned. A member of Congress.

He stressed, “The voters who will decide the next president in the November general election, including traditional Republicans and independents, want Washington to work. They want solutions to the everyday problems that affect their lives.” “Does it.”