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Importance of mental health today

These years are full of changes that man has had to face. Due to the changing society and circumstances that we have faced, mental health should be a priority for all. For this reason, we are going to review mental health and some of its most important points. shall we start?

What is mental health?

Mental health is a state of well being of our mind, it is feeling good about ourselves in emotional, psychological and social sphere. When we are aware of our abilities and have the mental tools to be able to cope with the psychological struggles we face on a day-to-day basis, we can be considered mentally healthy.

When we feel that our psyche is not at its best, we should turn to professionals like the ones at Origin Psychology Clinics to help us with what is happening to us. We may need specific counseling because we have already had healing or we just need to do a routine to train the mind.

Is it related to physical health?

As we mentioned earlier, sometimes we need to have a routine to train the mind. Just like we train muscles, the brain needs stimulation, to feel exercised and to be in shape to be able to face the day to day.

It is very common to have this condition, in many cases when we feel pain in the body then we know that we need to go to the doctor. But, on the contrary, when we have a mental disorder or illness, we do not turn to experts for help.

How and when do I focus on mental health?

There are very frequent psychological disorders for which we may need to see a professional. The words, disorder or mental illness may sound very strong, but nothing is further from reality. When we get constipated and don’t go to work, we say we’re sick, but there’s still a stigma around mental health that is disappearing with time.

We have to pay constant attention to our psychology, it is very important that we pay attention to the signs that tell us what is happening to us. There are disorders and other very common psychological problems that can be treated effectively if detected early:

  1. Worry: we can consider The disorder is one of the most common in adults and adolescents. in spain. To find out what kind of anxiety we have, we can do aanxiety test To consider going to a psychologist or psychiatrist.

  2. depression: The symptoms of depression are very wonderful and it is necessary to put a letter on the matter as soon as possible so that the matter does not progress further.

  3. insomnia: Oddly enough, insomnia is a very common disorder in which positive progress can be seen with brief therapy.

  4. psychosocial problems: Anger, divorce, relationship problems or work problems that have healing and are often invisible.

At Origin Clinics, the first consultation is free. This is because they know that it is very important that you meet with the professional or professionals who are going to help you with your treatment.

Tips to take care of mental health

For us, the fundamental thing is that we know how to go to a professional when the need arises. Improving on a personal level is a decision that only you can make, but it is always easier if we do it hand in hand with well-trained psychologists and psychiatrists who know how to guide us on our path to wellness. To do.

Once this foundation is laid out, we are going to review small actions we can take in our day to day to feel healthy:

  1. go to the pros: As we discussed earlier, asking for help is a virtue and it can make a difference in your new life.

  2. Adaily physical activity: Keeping the body active is relevant to producing serotonin and feeling good about yourself. Simple activities like walking or dancing will make you feel better.

  3. take advantage of downtime: Sleep is the moment in which the mind and body recover after a day of intense thought and physical exertion.

  4. make time for yourselfTaking time for self-reflection and self-care is essential.

  5. take care of foodSpending time planning meals and following a routine can help you feel organized and in control of your life.

  6. make time for our hobbies: We need to have different areas in our lives to be able to disconnect from each other. Doing activities in our free time will make you a more well-rounded person.

We have to keep in mind that everyone is different and you may have problems related to any of these points. The important thing is to recognize it and know how to communicate it to your doctor.

How do I know my mental health is improving?

when we start a therapy a mental health professional, the first thing that is done is a preliminary assessment in which the problem is identified. They know how to guide you at all times during your healing process.

During the whole process, you are in CHave frequent contact with your psychologist or psychiatrist, so that you have control over your process. By taking action on the problem that needs solving, you will see improvements yourself.

When you are in therapy, you see that your life is changing and that you are on the right track. Little by little you start making the right decisions and notice that you are in control of yourself and your mind.
To see that you are really improving, we recommend that you look for a clinic with an impeccable reputation, such as Origin Clinics. Because health comes first, be it physical or mental. This is one of the reasons why you cannot leave your destiny in the hands of anyone. If you think you might need help, now is the time, investing in health is so important to your personal growth, don’t give me more time.

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