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Friday, March 5, 2021

Important changes in Co-WIN app, the remaining dose of vaccine will be used, vaccination will accelerate

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After feedback from the states regarding Corona Vaccination, the Central Government has made some important changes in the features of Co-win App. Now the remaining doses will not be thrown at any site, but other health workers can be vaccinated. For this, the feature of on the spot registration has been added to the app. In the Kovin app, it did not have any system like on-the-spot registration earlier, which had to throw the remaining dose in the violin.

On Wednesday, another new feature was added to the Co-Win app, through which the state governments will be able to add new people according to the vaccination centers. Some new features have been added to the Co-Win app. These include changing the time of session, adding new person’s name to the list and making other changes in the list.

It is easy to add new people names

That is, in any one session, the names of some new people can be added, so that the process of vaccination can be expedited. However, through this new feature in the Co-Win app, the name of those people whose name is already present in the data base can be added. That is, the name of health workers will be added for now.

Help to achieve the goal of vaccination

Actually, in places where vaccination centers have been opened in the country, vaccination is being done according to session only. In one session, a target has been set to vaccinate around 100 people, but this goal is not being achieved in the initial days, because many people are still hesitating to get vaccinated. Now, with the change in the Co-Win app, there will be an opportunity to add more names to the list, so that the arrangements made for the session can be taken advantage of and the target can be met.

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