This is how the 2024 payment schedule will come out


Always be well organised, so putting pension payment dates on your agenda is essential! Here we present the possible calendar that may be available at IMSS next year

Mexico.– A year passes and another comes, and with it comes the resource expectation to overcome the traditional festival in January. And for the community of pensioners at the Mexican Social Security Institute, what do you have here? Monthly payments are your only income; it is important to have a vision of when you will get them.

And before proceeding, you should know that the IMSS still did not make an official paper on the pension payments available in 2024, but according to the way he has done during the year that is about to end, we can easily have a view.

According to the policies that the IMSS details on its official website regarding payment of PENSIONS, if the first day of the month is not a business day, your payment is made on the last business day of the previous month, although in 2023 it was not made before, but after.

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It also shows that the payment received at the bank account is in the name of the pensioner given to make the pension process, and that all who receive their payment through a third party or insurer may be subject to payment conditions dictated by these institutions.

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So if we take the payment dates of 2023 as a reference, in 2024 the PROBABLE calendar will continue to apply deposits on the 1st of every month, except those due to a weekend or bank holiday, which should be delayed next time. day. .

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So be careful, because this is how payments to IMSS pensioners will be available in 2024

  • Tuesday, January 2: On January 1, there is no bank activity, so the payment is made the next day.
  • Thursday, February 1: There should be no changes to it; the deposit date will arrive on the business day.
  • Friday, March 1: Since it is a business day, there are no changes to the payment date.
  • Monday, April 1, is the first day of the week, and there is money accounted for.
  • Thursday, May 2: The 1st is a holiday and there is no bank activity, so the pension payment will take place the next day.
  • Monday, June 3: The first day is Saturday, and there is no banking activity, so it goes to the first business day of the week.
  • Monday, July 1: It’s Monday and it’s not a holiday, so there’s no problem in paying the monthly payment immediately.
  • Thursday, August 1: On one business day, the pension deposit must be timely.
  • Monday, September 2: On one business day, the pension deposit must be timely.
  • Tuesday, October 1: another month where the deposit must be “dropped” on time.
  • Friday, November 1: to collect without problems.
  • Monday, December 2: The first day is Sunday, so the payment will be transferred on the first business day of the week.
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Calendar With Possible Imss Pension Payment Days In 2024Calendar With Possible Imss Pension Payment Days In 2024

Possible payment schedule for the IMSS 2024 pension. Photo: Línea Directa

For now, all that’s left is for IMSS to make the annual payment schedule official And now, with absolute certainty, you will know when and why you should be paid on time or later.

This Is How The 2024 Payment Schedule Will Come OutThis Is How The 2024 Payment Schedule Will Come Out

This is the payment schedule for the IMSS 2023 pension. Photo: IMSS