The National Guard noticed packages of apparent marijuana hidden in wooden doors

En Baja California, Guardia Nacional detecta paquetes de aparente marihuana ocultos en puertas de madera

In compliance with the National Public Security Strategy and to contribute to the National Addiction Prevention Strategy Together for Peace, in Baja California, members of the National Guard (GN) found three wooden doors hiding 12 packages of drugs in content. sent by courier.

During surveillance and crime prevention actions, national guards, accompanied by canine paris, with prior authorization, entered a courier and parcel company located in the municipality of Tijuana.

In the trace, one of the specimens is interested in a shipment consisting of three wooden doors, which are separately marked; They came from the municipality of Aguascalientes and were destined for the city of Tijuana, in the state of Baja California.

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The dog specimen showed a change in behavior when sniffing three objects, so the members of the institution thoroughly checked the doors, finding inside a total of 12 package wrapped in black and transparent plastic containing green, dry grass with characteristics of marijuana, weight approximately 12 kilos.

The three doors, with the apparent narcotic, were secured and made available to the Federal Public Ministry Agency of the entity, where the weight and type of substance can be accurately determined, to continue the corresponding investigations.

These actions prevent this type of narcotics from reaching the Mexican youth and affect their integral development, so the National Guard contributes to the Government of Mexico to guarantee the peace and security of population.

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