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In Inside Job, conspiracy theories are just the background.

In “Inside Job,” it is revealed that some celebrities and politicians are members of a race of shape-shifting lizards who secretly live alongside humans. These reptoids help fund the work of the shadow government, which in turn ensures that the Earth remains in their preferred climate.

This is just one of the usual conspiracies that Cognito Inc., the “company”, embodies the will of the dark clique of ancient elites that control the world. The latest Netflix adult animated series, pioneered by show host Shion Takeuchi, shows that even those coordinating the cover-up and spying on the masses cannot escape workplace accidents and drama.

At the center of the show is Reagan Ridley (voiced by Lizzie Kaplan), a brilliant but dysfunctional scientist who is ill-equipped for standard social subtleties. At the start of the series, Reagan is expecting a promotion that will put her in a senior position at Cognito Inc., although things don’t go as she hopes.

“The show is about Reagan’s personal journey,” Takeuchi said in a recent phone call. “The idea that someone is extremely logical and pragmatic, working for a truly cynical company that is deep state and still wants to make the world a better place is an interesting irony.

“She’s a character who doesn’t sound, speak, look or act like a leader,” she added. “I wanted to see how you can become a leader in such cases?”

While once marginal theories have increasingly become mainstream in recent years, the timely appearance of “Inside Job” is more of a coincidence. The long animation production schedule meant Takeuchi worked out the basic concepts for the series before exposing conspiracies became a routine news cycle.

“I didn’t like that,” Takeuchi said of how conspiracy theories are becoming more prevalent. “It was a wild ride watching this all unfold. I have the same experience as everyone else. But I think this is a confirmation that we all felt something similar in the spirit of the times. “

Magic Myc (mushroom creature), left, JR and Gigi in Inside Job.


“To be clear, I don’t really think there is a shadow government,” said Takeuchi, whose previous work includes Gravity Falls and Disappointment. “I just want people to know where I am about this.”

Takeuchi first encountered the concept of “shadow government” while still in college when she discovered the online archives of the late-night paranormal radio show Coast to Coast AM. Initially, she found the idea of ​​a “secret group of people in true power, playing 4D chess with the world” horrifying.

“If you believe that you have no free will in this world, how can you believe in anything? [or have] any social trust? “said Takeuchi.

But she realized that successfully running a shadow government would likely require a level of competence that she felt was not believable given what she experienced as part of the workforce. However, when Takeuchi noticed that listening to these theories on radio shows was affecting her point of view, she knew it was time to take a break.

“I really didn’t think about it [again] until five years ago, when we were experiencing the beginning of social upheaval, ”said Takeuchi. “It seemed that every day something chaotic, catastrophic and new was going to happen. And we were getting closer to really crazy realities. “

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This made Takeuchi wonder how “it would be really comfortable if there was a genius behind the scenes pulling all the strings and putting everything back on track.” And the realization that an idea that once scared her had now turned into a “comforting fantasy” allowed her to see the creativity of the shadow government story.

woman in a robot suit destroys

Glenn Dolphman introduces Reagan Ridley’s management style in Inner Work.


From Bigfoot to the Moon Landing, most of the conspiracy theories that Work From Within are familiar classics. Takeuchi describes the process of figuring out which conspiracy theory works with which story as a “tangled dance.” When looking for episodes of the series, it was necessary to study conspiracy theories, because it is impossible to tell which ones are suitable for which story.

“Every conspiracy theory is worth exploring. [on the show]if you can find a related conflict that the character might have gone through with this setting or this concept, ”Takeuchi said. So, “you have to generate tons of ideas about character stories, interpersonal stories, and then tons of ideas about concepts or conspiracy theories that would be a good umbrella for them. Then you kind of throw them against the wall to see [whether] it seems that these things fit together thematically. “

For example, for an episode in which the antisocial Reagan tries to win a bet with her coworkers that she can make an appointment by the end of the week, the challenge was to figure out what type of conspiracy theory could be included in such an intimate plot.

It’s a dating story [so you think] she’s probably going to use dating apps, ”Takeuchi said. “Dating apps are actually huge data aggregators. So, [it’s] come up with the stupidest reason anyone could aggregate data from a dating app … But the heart of the story may still be related to this very interesting small office story. “

A man stands in a doorway behind a woman holding a gun

Brett and Reagan in Working from the Inside Out.


Characters that revolve around Reagan in Inner Work include Brett Hand (Clark Duke), her traditionally attractive and reasonably competent colleague who wholeheartedly, and her alcoholic father, Rand Ridley (Christian Slater), a brilliant scientist who is not lack of sensitivity or sensitivity. self-awareness.

Rand “is like a dark future, [Reagan] has if she doesn’t learn some of the emotional skills that Brett has, ”Takeuchi said. “This is what makes the main trio interesting to me.”

While the series focuses on Reagan’s missions with her team, many stories also mention that Reagan is having an affair with her (newly divorced) parents and her relationship with them. “Inside Job” lets the public laugh at conspiracy theories again. But as funny as they are, they end up just serving as a backdrop for exploring the characters and how they move around the world.

“I use comedy as a way to deal with difficult emotions,” Takeuchi said. “A lot of what is happening in the world right now is scary. Hopefully through the show we can get through this together. “

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