In less than a minute I activated this HyperOS option and my Xiaomi works better and faster

In less than a minute I activated this HyperOS option and my Xiaomi works better and faster

Many of MIUI 14’s features, both public and secret, have been retained in HyperOS. And one of them can make your Xiaomi work much faster.

My Xiaomi phone has finally updated to HyperOS. With it comes Android 14 but, at the same time, MIUI also disappears, Xiaomi’s epic cape is now history, but not everything has changed with the change. Some features have been kept as they are because Xiaomi considered them useful in MIUI. And of course, this allows me to recover them as they have worked wonders for me in MIUI.

One of those functions is the one that allows my Xiaomi to be faster. Really useful and not very hidden feature, although certainly not advertised at all. is about Ability to speed up system animations, on which the speed of windows, opening and closing of apps, movement through menus and many other things depend. And just like I did in MIUI 14, I repeated the process in HyperOS and I got the same feeling again.

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How to Speed ​​Up Animations in HyperOS to Speed ​​Up Your Xiaomi

Here we are not talking about being able to force the mobile beyond its capacity, but rather trying to ensure that the operating system, in this case Xiaomi’s custom layer, does not make operations slower than necessary. Don’t do it. This is where system animations come in, and we can make them as fast as possible Even without resorting to HyperOS developer options, However, this matter will be even more extreme.

what is this about Tell HyperOS to speed up animations that appear on the screen Every time a window, an application is opened or closed or when we navigate through the system menus. This method is equally valid in MIUI 13 and MIUI 14, if users are still on the old Xiaomi layer for Android. This is also valid for POCO or Redmi mobiles. Let’s remember that HyperOS now unifies the entire Xiaomi ecosystem under a single system.

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Having said all that, once we figure out where the corresponding setting is located, it’s really simple to speed up HyperOS animations on your Xiaomi. And to do this we have to execute the following steps. Don’t worry, as it’s a fairly quick process.,

  • Since HyperOS is on desktop, we do this Long press on an area without an iconOr a pinch gesture, which allows you to activate desktop personalization.
  • There we find an icon that will take us there ‘Adjustment’, The icon is at the bottom right. We press it and then click ‘Ahead’,
  • We are already in the HyperOS home screen options, and now we just have to find ‘animation speed’, next to which there is a button that opens a drop-down menu. we have to choose ‘Quick’ To speed up animations as much as possible.
  • Now it’s all done. We can continue to work with our Xiaomi, but now everything will work faster.
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