In medicine, total bochazo: 100% Rejected

In medicine, total bochazo: 100% Rejected

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Things started in the second semester, at the UNLP School of Medicine, where he left before winter break. or slightly below: no one reached the minimum grade to pass the test in the subject of infectious diseases, which is taken in the fourth year, he condemned the student center.

The commotion for 100% of bochados is chained with another exam in the same subject concern two months ago, with 90% postponement among 180 students, an amount which, it is estimated, was similar to this new case. Also in those days the Anatomy C class recorded 80% rejects among thousand first year students.

The situation returns to the center of attention due to academic failure at one faculty, which draws a strong controversy around the quality of training combined with the sudden prevalence following the cancellation of qualifying entrance examinations and extended employment, which is comparable to that of other faculties. happens together. , of the system of virtual classrooms. Namely, data critical to training, without personal contact in the classroom with teachers, student peers and patients.

Similar results were reported in obstetrics in those days of June where infectious diseases first hit.

“There were problems again partly with infectology and what we are claiming as a student center,” said Martina Novoa of the Remedier Group. In those days, difficulties were raised by access to the virtual platform from the monastery where students take courses and surrender. In addition, the lack of practice, for example, in Anatomy, where allowances are accessed with preparation “one and a half hours every 15 days”, are counted from the center. After that, weekly classes returned as announced.

The student leader indicated that “we managed to resolve it and acted on the matter in the first two months and now we continue to demand a meeting to take it up and it will not be repeated on the following dates when we recover” “

For his part, Joaquín García of the Vientos de Abajo Group questioned whether “they handle a very high degree of arbitrariness when it comes to improvising.”

According to what he told the student body, the subject has a bi-monthly syllabus and this exam corresponds to the second bi-monthly syllabus. You have to pass the subjects of class 4th and to move on to the next years, already in the final stage of the degree.

Garcia indicated that “something similar happened in the first two months.” Thus, he considered that “it is a position that responds to difficulties in the chair to guarantee the modalities of the curriculum that contribute to students’ learning.”

Virtuality is not at stake here: “The subject was taught in-person with practical classes in hospitals, as it was before the pandemic, but whether or not you learn depends on the teacher you teach. From our point of view, we should review how the curriculum is determined”.

At the same time, students indicated that “the evaluation criteria are unclear, with too broad questions that merit multiple answers. Again, those considered correct are too specific.” In short, they called for “improvement.” and admitted that “it is not merely an approval. It’s being able to learn.”

Amidst the controversy of the first semester, another piece of information was known to the controversy: the then head of the chair, the renowned transitionologist Sylvia González Ayala, had retired. The doctor clarified that he had not requested the initiation of retirement procedures, as indicated by the leadership of the faculty.


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