In response to Michelle, Janja says she is not a “helper” to Lula.

In response to Michelle, Janja says she is not a "helper" to Lula.

“I’m not going to help you, I’m not going to be an assistant. I’ll be by your side, together”, announced the candidate’s wife

Sociologist Rosangela da Silva, better known as Janza, wife of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), said this Thursday (15.Sep.2022) that it would not “Assistant” Husband’s

It is a counterpoint to First Lady Michele Bolsonaro, the wife of Jair Bolsonaro (PL), Lula’s main rival in the October election.

“The wife has to be her husband’s helper, isn’t it right? We’re the ones who can handle it, right?”Michel said on Wednesday (September 14).

“I will be here by your side with these wonderful people to rebuild this Brazil. I am not going to help you, I am not going to be helpful. I will be by your side, together. To give Brazil Fighting for us is, again, the hope these wonderful people deserve.”Declared Janja in this 5.

Lula’s wife’s speech was at her husband’s rally in Montes Claros, north of Minas Gerais.

PT also made waves for female audiences. “You are not a second class citizen. You should be respected”said the candidate.

Watch Lula’s full rally in Montes Claros (1h09min55s):

Jair Bolsonaro’s campaign has used Michelle’s image to try to downplay the current president’s disapproval of women. He is also an important part of Bolsonaro’s boom among evangelicals.

Michel’s countermeasures made by Janja have been common. Here are examples:

  • on 9 august – Lula’s wife reacted to the first lady’s post about an African Matrix ceremony;
  • 2 in september – Janja said it was “poker face” confirm that the current government had brought water to the Northeast; In the election campaign, Michelle had said that it was her husband’s work;
  • on 8 september – Janja said that there was no princess in Lula’s rally, “Only Women Fighting”, The day before, Bolsonaro suggested that men look for princesses to marry.

Both have got a place in the campaign of their husbands. Search power data A release dated 10 September showed that 53% of voters knew Michel Bolsonaro. Janja is known to account for 28%.

The PT candidate is to promote his name in Minas Gerais to associates in the Planalto Palace and other positions.

He endorses Alexandre Kalil (PSD) for governor and Alexandre Silveira (PSD) for senator. Neither of them votes with the intention of voting. The two accompany Lula on the journey.

Minas Gerais is important to the national election as it has the second largest voter turnout in the country with 16.3 million voters. Only So Paulo, with 34.7 million, has more.

The current governor of Minas, Romu Zema (Novo), has a chance to be re-elected in the first round. He has fueled the anti-PTIism in his ads, which may have spread to Lula’s campaign there.

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