In Spain they have started using the hydrogen engine

electric vehicles

Electric Vehicles

A fact aims to change the future of electric vehicles on Spain and in the rest of the world, after a few years where they seem to impose their law for the coming years, even at the apparent request of the political authorities. she hydrogen as a fuel system is getting stronger and the successful display of Westport Fuel Systems on Madrid It can mark a before and after of future cars.

she hydrogen considered, for some time now, as a potential solution to the energy crisis that we see now and in transportation added this component to its fuel catalog to the point that it may provide the highest resolution for the future. on Spain We have seen live and direct what is response to hydrogen in all the guidelines that the automotive logistics industry.

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As a source of renewable energy without carbon emissions, which does not produce greenhouse gases during its use, the hydrogen became a trend within technology car although after facing some economic and technical challenges, it also has its cons, which makes large-scale implementation difficult.

The company Westport Fuel Systems, specialized in the production of fuel systems and hydrogen combustion technologies, tried to develop a technical solution to convince the accessibility and greater economic viability of the technology of this energy source. Through a demonstration held in Madrid and carried out in collaboration with Alsa Group we see the capacity available through this company to develop a hydrogen fuel system which is useful and efficient.

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The Jibaro series, by revolt is the vehicle in which this system is installed. hydrogen fuel that uses green hydrogen made by renewable energy. The bus was able to travel the same distance as a traditional diesel car of the same dimensions, and without the need for recharging. This translates into greater efficiency and less pollution, making it less harmful to the environment.

Hydrogen Refill
Hydrogen Refill

Electric cars versus hydrogen systems

Reduce the carbon footprint on Spain to achieve climate goals where the European Union It’s a national goal, so it is hydrogen system can mark one before and after directly damaging to electric vehicles after a great growth in the previous years it continues a parallel, if not meteoric, progress today.

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If we compare it with the technology proposed Westport we can see that the latter is more flexible than the others fuel systems also from hydrogen because it is compatible with different types and concentrations of hydrogen, in the case of blue hydrogen produced by natural gas or green hydrogen from renewable sources such as solar energy or wind energy.