In the case of Hermosilla “we pay the people for the sinners”

In the case of Hermosilla

Evelyn Apeleo addressed the impact of the bribery case on SII and CMF, highlighting the concern about the consequences for officials. He mentioned the need to establish measures to protect the integrity of the staff and criticized the lack of efforts to “close the spaces of discretion.”

In the new chapter of Al Pan Pan with Alejandro Repenning the president of the Association of Officials of the Internal Revenue Service (SII), Evelyn Apeleo refers to the impact that the recent audio leak that discovered the case of bribery within the SII and the Commission for the Financial Market (CMF) has on the institution.

Currently, the Eastern Prosecutor’s Office seeks to verify each of the situations described in a meeting between lawyer Luis Hermosilla, lawyer Leonarda Villalobos and businessman Daniel Sauer, some of which have the character of a you crime One of them is the “forgiveness” given by SII to Sauer for more than $3 billion, something that the owner of Factop was proud of in the outgoing meeting.

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In his words, Apeleo stated that “a serious situation like the one under investigation creates a first effect on the officers of the line,” stressing that from the first day they were jointly condemned, with the Internal Revenue association and the CMF, the acts of corruption. Likewise, they also demanded an immediate and complete investigation.

The leader of the association stressed the concern about the impact of this type of situation on public service officials, pointing out that they are the ones who suffer the most from the consequences. Apeleo emphasized the complexity of the matter, mentioning that only three or four events have been identified in an institution with 5,000 people and this does not mean widespread responsibility.

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We pay the righteous for sinners, if there were sinners” He stated in reference to the investigation.

“Closing spaces of discretion”

Apeleo also expressed concern about the lack of SII management protocols to respond to these cases and cooperate with investigations. He warned of the possibility that any person summoned to testify could be held accountable in advance, which made the work of public officials more difficult in their management work.

In addition, he made reference to the concern expressed by the service officers, who are now reluctant to assume the responsibilities of the documents for fear that the decisions of the leadership will harm the subordinates, thus creating a environment “immobility” in the workplace. .

Faced with this situation, the president of the SII Officials Association called for the establishment of clear procedures and effective protocols to protect the integrity of officials and ensure transparency in ongoing investigations.

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Evelyn Apeleo points to the former director of the SII, Fernando Barraza, and the tax reform of former president Sebastián Piñera in 2020, as factors that, in his opinion, open many areas for review and “many areas for lobby“. He stated that at the moment they are not focusing on inspection rather than review.

In relation to settlements, such as the $3.5 billion of businessman Daniel Sauer, he mentioned that “this is a very common administrative act of SII, permanent and unfortunately contrary to our aim.”

Apeleo reiterated that the current director of the SII, Hernán Frigolett, should point out that “your responsibility is not managed to ensure that the new financial agreement includes the delimitation and closure of discretionary spaces.”