In the middle of the entire peace process, the US “narco” alliance reveals FARC, ELN and Venezuela.

In the middle of the entire peace process, the US

In the report of the United States of America in the fight against the drug trade of the whole world, a special chapter is devoted arises from the situation border between Colombia and Venezuela.

“Across the border region of Colombia, the government has allowed safe harbor for US-designated terrorist groups, including the National Liberation Army (ELN)
Armed Revolutionary Army of Colombia – Army of the People (FARC-EP) and ‘Marquetalia Secunda’who hold drug-trafficking routes in the border region and close ties to the Venezuelan government, the document reveals.

In a clear sign of the government of Nicolas Maduro, the United States indicates that the awareness of drug trafficking reaches all spheres and public structures.

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“Corruption, among high-ranking government officials, the judiciary, the military and the security services, is endemic in Venezuela, which facilitates the operations of drug-trafficking organizations.” Armed “colectivos” affiliated with the government (pro-government armed groups), armed groups of Venezuelan origin, and Colombian clandestine factions dominate drug trafficking routes in Venezuela. While these criminal organizations mainly move cocaine, the actors are shaped and controlled within the state of the world in which they operate.“, the part of the report emphasizes.

It should be known according to the administration of President Joe Biden
and its Office of National Drug Policy, Government President Gustavo Peter I oblige reduce production small amount of cocaine and A tribute to organized criminal groups such asIt is a “foundation” step to obtain perpetual peace in Colombia”.

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The US government emphasizes itself by taking on the role; The president told Peter to ask his administration to improve interdiction operations and efforts against to launder money As high-level drug dealers in power, but they ask for more commitment.

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