In the UK, heat wave melts chocolates in stores

In the UK, heat wave melts chocolates in stores

United Kingdom ,

las high temperature Europe has registered in recent times due to which Chocolate in some convenience stores Melts are found inside their packaging, as shown by a user on the social network.

Alice Nadia, who hails from the United Kingdom, shared a recording on TikTok, in which chocolate bars are seen arranged on shelves. liquid consistency,

Products can be held stationary and vertically under normal conditions, however, cause heat wave and the sensation that occurs inside some installations Chocolates will be displayed on the side of their box,

In the publication, the woman indicated that the range of products was occupied B&M StoreTo which one user replied that the weather is “cooler outside than inside the store.”

Another person joked that it is “B&M’s policy to suffocate their employees and customers, as is the case at other branches of the same company.”

whoTwo days ago, Britain broke up record your temperatureAs it reached 40 degrees for the first time, in the midst of a heat wave that has engulfed regions of Europe.

The UK Met Office recorded a temp reading of 40.2 °C (104.4 Fahrenheit) at Heathrow airport on Tuesday, breaking the record set just an hour earlier of 39.1C in Charleswood.

Before Tuesday, the UK’s previous record was 38.7 degrees Celsius in 2019. unusually hot and dry weather It has scorched the continent since last week, sparking fires from Portugal to the Balkans and causing hundreds of heat-related deaths.

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