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In these 15 countries/regions, an Indian driver’s license (DL) can drive a vehicle, please refer to the full list

Indian driving license: It is a very pleasant feeling to drive long distances on spectacular, shining roads. This feeling will get better when you wander on the streets of a foreign country. Although our country’s road construction and infrastructure are also developing rapidly, I am very happy to be able to drive abroad.

However, a driving license (DL) is the most important thing for driving in any country/region. Did you know that you can enjoy driving in some of the best countries/regions in the world with an Indian driver’s license? Today, we will tell you that the laws of approximately 21 countries/regions allow you to use an Indian driver’s license. So let us know in which country you can drive DL.

1)-Australia: In this country on the southern hemisphere continent, you can drive a vehicle with an Indian driver’s license. However, under certain special regulations, your driving license should be in English and allow you to drive in Australia for three months. Most importantly, you can drive on the left like Indian roads.

2)-Germany: Driving a car on the streets of Germany, known as the “Hometown of Automobiles”, may be one of the best experiences of your life. Here, you can obtain an Indian driving license for a total of 6 months of driving. But remember, your driver’s license should not be in any regional language, but in English. Germany occupies a dominant position in the segment of luxury car brands. The country’s Mercedes-Benz, Audi and BMW are known for their outstanding driving styles.

new Zealand

3)-New Zealand: You must have seen kiwis on the cricket ground many times, but you will not forget the experience of driving a car on your own land. This country/region consists of two large islands in the Southwest Pacific and many other small islands. You can drive for one year with an Indian driver’s license.

4)-United Kingdom: This country is also called Britain, Great Britain or Great Britain. In this country/region, you can drive for a total of 1 year with your driver’s license. You can even drive on the roads of Scotland, England and Wales with an Indian driver’s license. There is also the habit of left-handed driving here. You may notice that Jeep, Ford and Chevrolet are very important in the Indian market and are the only American companies.

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5)-Switzerland: Who doesn’t want to enjoy driving in this country called the paradise of the world. Approximately 60% of this country’s land in Central Europe is covered by the Alps. According to the regulations here, you can drive in India with an Indian driver’s license for up to 1 year. You can even rent a vehicle here based on your DL, but your driver’s license should be in English.

6)-United States of America: In the United States, the most powerful country in the world, the joy of driving is another matter. This is the best country for road exploration. According to the law here, you can use an Indian driver’s license to drive for up to 1 year. But here, there is also a condition, that is, your license can only be used in English. Let us tell you that the British car manufacturers are Rolls Royce, Aston Martin and Land Rover.

7)-South Africa: This country is located at the southern tip of the African continent and is famous for its natural beauty and details. Here, you can easily obtain an Indian driving license. However, in addition to your English license, your photo and signature should also be posted on it.

8)-France: You may have used French engines many times, but with the help of Indian license plates, you can also enjoy French roads. This country/region allows its visitors to drive for up to 1 year with a local driver’s license. But one condition for this is that the license must also be translated into French. At present, Renault and Peugeot are among the leading French automakers in India.

9)-Canada: North America has 10 states and 3 federal territories. Spread over an area of ​​99.8 million square kilometers, the pleasure of driving on the country’s wide roads has doubled. Here, you can also drive with a driver’s license, but you must drive on the right side here.

10)-Singapore: This country is one of the world’s major ports and trading centers, located between Malaysia and Indonesia in South Asia. The government here allows foreign guests to drive for up to 1 year with their international driving license. This country is very famous among tourists from all over the world. In addition, you can also drive to Hong Kong and Malaysia.

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11)-Bhutan: You can also drive in neighboring Bhutan. In South Asia, a small country surrounded by the Himalayas, there is almost natural beauty here, and you can hardly find the fun it provides. Here, you can drive two-wheelers and four-wheelers at the same time.

12)-Finland: This country is located in Northern Europe and is considered the happiest country in the world. According to the rules here, you can enjoy a full year of driving with an Indian driver’s license. However, for this, you must purchase health insurance together with you. If the rule also applies to India, it may slightly examine the statistics of deaths caused by road traffic accidents.

13)-Mauritius: These countries/regions are located in the southeast of the African continent and are somewhat strict in terms of driving, especially for foreigners. According to the rules here, you can only drive for 1 day with an Indian driver’s license. Mauritius is full of natural scenery. Interestingly, about 51% of the population here are Hindus.

14)-Italy: In terms of driving and cars, what if there is no Italian name? You can get an Indian driver’s license in this country, which has brought more than one outstanding sports car to the world. But the only condition is that your driver’s license should be accompanied by an international driver’s license. Let me tell you that companies like Ferrari, Lamborghini and even Fiat are all from Italy.

15)-Norwegian: This continental European country offers you the most beautiful scenery in the world. In this country/region, you can obtain an Indian driving license for a total of 3 months. This country is also famous for its special midnight sun rise, and at night, the sun suddenly comes out. In northern Norway, the midnight sun in summer is very common.


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