In this place, a brother becomes the husband of his sister


There are many traditions that have been going on in society for years and are being followed even today. But many traditions ended many years ago because they were so unusual that today’s society would never adopt them.

One such strange tradition is ancient Egypt, where men would marry their own sister (sister marriage) or daughter (father-daughter marriage tradition). As strange as this tradition sounds, the reason behind it is even more strange. We will tell you why this is so.

In ancient Egypt, there were many kings and members of the royal family who married within their own family. Its main name is the name of a king named Ramesses II.

He married his daughter, and Queen Cleopatra-7 married his brother. When Egypt was ruled by the Romans, that is, from 30 BC to 395 AD, marriage within the family became common.

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Once upon a time, the brothers got married in Egypt

Many times, Egyptian kings married more than once. Many times, due to inbreeding, many types of diseases are born in the next generation. Osiris and Isis, the two main Egyptian gods and goddesses, were originally brothers and sisters and even married each other.

Because of this, the common people also consider the tradition of family marriage to be normal. According to Professor Sabine Huebner of the University of Basel, Switzerland, before the Romans, cases of marriage between siblings or father and daughter could only be found in the royal family of Egypt.

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But when the Romans conquered Egypt, such marriages also began to take place among ordinary citizens. Now the question arises: why did these marriages happen?

This is the main reason for sister marriage

The people of the royal family want to keep their lineage pure and royal for their future generations. Because of this, he only married sisters and daughters, so that the next child would have full royal blood and be eligible for the throne.

The second reason is that he wants to remove the contenders to gain power. If they had married their brother, there would have been no fight among themselves for power. Seeing the kings and queens, some common people also started making such marriages.

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But the main reason for ordinary people to enter into such marriages is the balance of the economy. If the parents have only one daughter, they do not want to send the daughter away after marriage so that someone will take care of her in her old age.

Because of this, parents adopt a son before their daughter’s marriage or in their childhood itself. In such a situation, he would marry his son to an adopted son. This is a shocking event. Strange traditions occur in many places in the world.