INAI inaugurated the president but accusations of corruption followed him


The appointment of Adrián Alcalá Méndez, the new president of the National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information, and Protection of Personal Data (Inai), takes place without the Senate naming the two missing commissioners and while allegations of corruption and misuse of public resources are chasing him.

During the voting on December 10, the nomination and victory of Alcalá Méndez were criticized by Commissioner Julieta del Río Venegas, who assured that this behavior has no “ethical and moral solvency.” However, the former president of Inai, Blanca Lilia Ibarra, voted to finish the work of the position, recognize his career, and point to his appointment as a positive action for the LGBT+ population in Mexico.

What is their excuse for the new president of Inai?

Just as the figure of Adrián Alcalá Méndez has many achievements during his career, some shadows haunt him to this day. The strongest of them was a scandal that accused him of attending a table dance with another commissioner who paid public money for his consumption in that business.

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This information was announced by the journalist Nancy Flores, who revealed that in 2014, the current former commissioner, Óscar Guerra Ford, registered three cases of a corporate card of the institution made in a table dance, closed for human trafficking two years ago. On the other hand, the journalist Mario Maldonado assured that Alcalá Méndez was present that night of August 22, 2014, when the charges of 2,350 and 20,411 pesos were made.

In addition, the Contralínea journalist also accused the president and commissioner of Inai of spending 1.3 million pesos between January 2022 and September 2023 on tourist trips, breakfasts, and meals with commissioners, businessmen, and politicians from Mexico.

According to the documents that he presented, the payment with public money extends to the purchase of snacks, bottles of Coca-Cola, and coffee in stores such as Oxxo. All this was presented in the invoices as “travel and representation expenses,” while he received a monthly salary of 156 thousand 85 gross pesos for his position.

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Among the most notable cases in this case are the trips charged to the Treasury in places such as Tallinn, Estonia, where more than 27 thousand pesos will be paid, as well as in other countries such as London and Argentina.

Who is Adrián Alcalá Méndez?

According to his resume, the current president of Inai studied law at the autonomous university of Baja California, but he also studied procedural, corporate, and amparo law. His work in Inai started in 2011, when he became the first president of Inai in the northern state.

He served as the coordinator of the Northern Regional Assembly in 2013 and was a member of the Technical Panel of Experts for the publication of the General Regulatory Law in Section A of the 6th Constitutional Article.

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Between 2014 and 2020, Alcalá Méndez served as Secretary of Access to Information, where, in addition to being part of the development of the transparency law, he was also the first Executive Secretary of the National Transparency System and representative of Inai on the left of the National System. Anti-Corruption, the Transparency Network, EUROsociAL, and the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Finally, from 2020 until now, he served as commissioner of Inai, until being elected as Ibarra’s successor on December 10. Thus, Alcalá Méndez will replace an Inai that has endured a lack of commissioners while remaining silent about those accusations against him.