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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Ind vs Eng: The England team was staying in the hotel, there was a terrorist attack, this player’s soul was shaken

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The England Cricket Team is on a tour of India. A four-match Test series is to be played between the two teams, the initial two matches will be held in Chennai. The first test will be played from 5 February. But this news is not about this. This is the news about the England cricket team’s tour of India 12 years ago, which shocked the whole world. This news is about the injury of terror on cricket. This is the news about the Mumbai Terrorist Attack of 2008, during which England cricket team reached India to play Test Series. This attack also has a connection to the England team because the hotel in Mumbai where the England team was staying, a few days later, the same hotel was targeted by the terrorists. Let’s know about the horrific reality of that tour.

In November 2008, England’s team visited India. The 7-match ODI series between the two countries started from 14 November. India won their first match in Rajkot by 158 runs. On 17 November in Indore too, the game was in favor of Team India by 54 runs. After this, India won the third ODI by 16 runs in Kanpur and the fourth match in Bangalore by 19 runs. The fifth match was played in Cuttack on 26 November. India also won this match by 6 wickets. But 26 November is the date when the terrorists carried out the attack on Mumbai and challenged the whole world including India. After this, the remaining two ODIs were canceled.

England team stayed in Hotel Taj a few days before the attack

Two weeks before the attack, the entire team of England was staying in the same hotel in which the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel was targeted in the terrorist attack on Mumbai. Even on December 16, three days before the test to be played from December 19, the team had to stay in the same hotel. However, as soon as the terrorist attack took place on 26 November, the England team’s home departure was decided. It was also decided that England’s team will return to India to play a two-match Test series starting on 11 December.

This incident was not like watching something on TV…

Kevin Pietersen, who was a member of the then England team, also mentioned this incident in his autobiography. He wrote, We have lost every ODI at the hands of India on that tour. After this, there was a Mumbai terror attack, which changed everything. 173 people died. The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, where we stayed a few days before the attack and where we had to stay later, was the center of this tragedy. It was not as if we were watching something from a remote TV, but rather we felt it till the soul.

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