India and America will jointly make dangerous armored fighting vehicles. India-America will jointly make combat armored vehicles: It is easier to move on difficult roads with this Stryker vehicle; Preparation to counter China

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In New Delhi on Friday, US Defense Minister Lloyd Austin said that India and America will jointly make combat armored vehicles. It is believed that this vehicle is being made to counter the growing military power of China.

Lloyd Austin has given this information about the meeting with Jaishankar and Defense Minister Rajnath Singh. Armored combat vehicles will be made under the Defense Industrial Cooperation Agreement. US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin also said that this will facilitate the forces while moving from one place to another.

Indian Army using Stryker armored vehicle during military exercise

India and America ready to share intelligence information and technology
If the soldiers get these new armored vehicles, then Indian soldiers will be able to monitor the Chinese border LAC in a better way. Along with this, America wants India’s dependence on Russia to reduce in the defense sector.

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India should not depend only on Russia for weapons. This time the Defense Ministers of both the countries have talked about strengthening diplomatic relations by sharing intelligence information and technology.

Not just on the border, every sensitive area This combat vehicle will be deployed in
Regarding these armored vehicles, an Indian official has said on the condition of anonymity that most of the vehicles will be deployed on India’s border with China. Tension has been high here since a clash in 2020, in which soldiers from both sides were killed. Some vehicles will also be deployed along India’s border with Pakistan.

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The Indian government is preparing to deploy these armored fighting vehicles in different parts of the country including New Delhi. Anti-tank missiles will be installed in these vehicles. Indian government officials say that these vehicles will also be deployed in monitoring the border and sensitive areas.

More than two dozen variants of this armored vehicle
This armored fighting vehicle (Stryker) is developed by General Dynamics Land Systems Inc. The company has made it. This armored vehicle is no less than a boon for the American Army during any operation. It has more than two dozen variants, which are used for any operation or to take the army to a safe place.

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Apart from this, these vehicles can also be used for assistance and treatment of the injured during any operation. Recently a 30 mm cannon has been added to this vehicle. This weapon can also be used to shoot down enemy aircraft flying at short distances.

Striker is also being used in the war against Russia
The US government has also sent Stryker vehicles to Ukrainian forces fighting ground battles against Russian forces. Because of this combat armored vehicle, Ukrainian soldiers are able to safely monitor the frontline boundary.


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