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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

India praised as ‘vaccine ambassador’ of the world, UN chief praised, said- playing a leading role in vaccination

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India is distributing Vaccine to its neighboring countries under the ‘Vaccine Friendship’ policy. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres praised India’s Vaccine Distribution, saying that India’s vaccine production capacity is one of the best assets in the world today. He praised India for supplying vaccines to countries around the world to deal with the global disaster crisis.

The UN Secretary-General also hoped that India would have all the tools necessary to play a major role in ensuring a global vaccination campaign. Gutarais said, I would like to say how much we trust India. I mean, India has one of the most advanced pharmaceutical industries in the world. India played a very important role in the production of generic medicines for use. Due to this, access to medicines across the world has been ensured.

India’s production capacity is the world’s best asset

Antonio Gutares said, “We hope that India will have all the tools that are necessary to play a major role in ensuring the global vaccination campaign.” I think that India’s production capacity is one of the best assets in the world today and I hope that the world understands that it should be fully utilized. Gutareis said that during his briefing to the United Nations member states on their priorities for 2021, licenses could be made available to companies around the world, so that the already existing vaccine could be rapidly produced.

India will also supply vaccine to COVAX facility

India has delivered six million vaccine doses to nine countries under the first phase of ‘Vaccine Friendship’. Apart from this, the supply of vaccine is also being extended to other countries through contracts. India has said that it will gradually supply the vaccine to the World Health Organization (WHO) COVAX facility as well. COVAX is a global initiative through which efforts are being made to ensure uniform vaccine access to all countries.

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