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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Indian pharmaceutical company ‘Zydus Cadila’ has a big claim on corona, said- found cure

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New Delhi: Indian pharmaceutical company- Zydus Cadila has made a big claim regarding the treatment of Corona. The company says that it has prepared a medicine to cure the corona patient in 7 days.

Pharma company Zydus Cadila has sought approval from DGCI to use PegiHep drug, find a panacea treatment to stop the spread of corona infection, has prepared a drug for coronavirus, the results of which are announced in Phase III and the company claims that 91.15 percent of corona patients recover from the drug within 7 days and their positive corona report is negative in RT PCR test. The drug Zydus Cadila has prepared is named Pegylated Interferon Alpha 2b or PegiHep and is a single dose drug.

The company has also claimed that this medicine cures the corona patient on oxygen support in 56 hours instead of 84 hours. The company has sought approval from the Indian drug regulator DGCI to use this medicine. According to the company, this drug does not allow the virus to go to the lungs, it also does not reduce the oxygen level. Its use in the early times of corona reduces the risk of life.

The company says that if the medicine is given to the corona patient in time, it helps the patient recover faster and does not allow the kind of situation that normally occurs in the advanced stage inside the patient. . According to the company, most of the Corona patients who were given this drug during the trial did not require oxygen support, which suggests that the drug rapidly corrects breathing problems and that Corona Rocky has severe breathing problems The situation arises.

According to Zydus Cadila, the company has conducted a third phase trial on about 250 patients in 20-25 centers across the country, the results of that trial have been published in reputed health magazines around the world. According to the company, the second phase of trials is going on in Mexicans and the drug regulator is also in talks in the US for trials.


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