Indian Roadmaster Elite 2024, colors and specifications

Indian Roadmaster Elite 2024, colors and specifications

The Dean Indian Motorcycle brand among North American motorcycle manufacturers has one of the most exclusive models dedicated to the most non-conformist users in its Elite range.

They are, in essence, customized models with luxury components and presented under exclusive decoration according to the latest trends among the most prestigious preparers, which are offered to the general public; However it is in limited number of units and its price is commensurate with its elite status.

An elite finish that until now was applied to the Challenger “bagger” model, but which will also be transferred to the new Roadmaster Elite in 2024, the “touring” motorcycle with which the Indian offers the maximum level of comfort and exclusivity on the longest trips. Is.

Indian Roadmaster Elite 2024


The biggest difference of this motorcycle with respect to the standard Roadmaster is found in its distinctive colour. The American brand wanted to recapture the success of the Indian Red first used in the 1904 Camelback, but updating it under a combination of three colors and a prominent “candy” finish.

Its purpose is to provide a vibrant and attractive appearance to the traditional Indian red while giving it a more “hard” character.

To do this, Indian Motorcycle turned to the most prestigious paint experts in the United States, Gunslinger Custom Paint (GCP) Workshop in Colorado and Custom Painted Vehicles (CPV) in Wisconsin, where nearly 24 hours of work were dedicated Is. Each of the 350 units of the Roadmaster Elite.

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The result is a “candy” color of three tones: Indian Candy Red, Candy Dark Red and Candy Black to eliminate the “blacked-out” darkening effect. According to those responsible for the brand, the aim is to give the traditional Indian red a more “harsh” character, giving it a vibrant and attractive appearance.

The finish is completed by hand painting with championship gold stripes to highlight the model name on the body and the brand logo on the tank. Of course, to highlight its distinctive and unique character, a unique identity of each unit has been added to the center console.

Indian Roadmaster Elite 2024

Additional premium

The Roadmaster Elite includes other components that differentiate it from the base model, and not just because of the different design of the body, panniers and the black color of the engine, which is taken from the dark horse version of the Roadmaster.

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The Elite includes as standard the PowerBand with Bass Boost, an Indian-developed audio system in 2023 that uses no less than 12 speakers distributed across the fairing, suitcase and trunk to deliver 50% more powerful sound . It also has Pathfinder LED headlights that guarantee optimal visibility on night trips due to its curve adaptability function.

Indian Roadmaster Elite 2024

Other variations are found in glossy black dashboards, polished headdress foot platforms, tinted and electrically adjustable windshields, 10-spoke machined wheels or red stitched seats, and a heating and cooling system. It also includes armrests so that the passenger can stay with us in comfort on extended pair trips.

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Thunderstroke 116

What does not differ in the Roadmaster Elite with respect to the standard version is the rest of the drive structure and wheel. The engine is India’s famous Thunderstroke 116, which is a 1,890 cc V-twin capable of delivering 117 Nm of torque at just 3,000 revolutions. There is a steel chassis with an inverted fork, a rear monoshock, brakes with 300 mm discs at the front and rear and Metzeler Cruisetec tyres.

Indian Roadmaster Elite 2024

Nor does it change the deployment of successful equipment and electronic technology, starting from the proximity key that allows the suitcase to be opened remotely, to the instrument panel with 7-inch touch screens, heated grips and the most advanced connectivity systems. . (Ride Command, Apple CarPlay, Navigation, Cruise Control, Sound System…).

The Roadmaster Elite 2024 is priced at 46,490 euros and is expected to reach dealerships next spring. More details on the Indian Motorcycle website.


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