He traps his old house and injures an FBI agent


A 72-year-old man will spend more than 12 years in prison for building “Indiana Jones”-style booby traps in his home that injured a police officer in 2018.

A judge in Oregon, in the United States, sentenced Gregory Rodvelt to 150 months in prison, as well as three years of supervised release.

A jury convicted him in June of assaulting a federal officer and using and discharging a firearm in connection with a crime of violence.

Property is full of pitfalls

On September 7, 2018, police explosives technicians and FBI agents visited the property formerly owned by Mr. Rodvelt.

The latter lost property during a trial. However, when he found out that the place was going to be sold, he set traps.

When authorities arrived, they noticed a van with the front door blocked and two snares with metal teeth that are commonly used to catch animals, the criminal complaint said. .

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Unable to discover the explosives in the van’s traps, the technicians continued to approach the house.

A jacuzzi is located near the residence. He was “tricked in such a way that when the door was opened, he activated a mechanical trigger that caused the jacuzzi to roll towards the man in the entrance, like a scene from the movie Indiana Jones: The Adventures of the Lost. Ark” where actor Harrison Ford is forced to walk around a giant stone block that he accidentally triggers with a trick switch,” the criminal complaint further details.

The windows of the house were blocked from the inside, while several bullet holes pierced the front door.

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Confined wheelchair

According to the prosecutor’s office, authorities then found a “rat trap that had been modified to be armed with a shotgun cartridge. The trap is connected to the main garage door, and is activated when it is opened.

The technicians used an explosive charge to enter the interior of Mr. Rodvelt and they noticed another trap.

Apparently there was a wheelchair that, when struck, “triggered a homemade shotgun device that released a shotgun shell that hit the FBI bomb squad below the knee.”

The federal agent was taken to a local hospital, where he was treated for his injuries before leaving the hospital.

In a statement, Nathan Lichvarcik, chief of the Eugene and Medford offices of the United States Department of Justice, said: “Stirred by anger and resentment, this defendant framed a property in South Texas. Oregon with intent to seriously injure a person. Unfortunately, his trap worked and he injured an FBI bomb technician,” Nathan Lichvarcik, head of the US Department of Justice’s Eugene and Medford offices, said in a statement.

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Kieran Ramsey, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Portland Field Office, added: “This individual went to great lengths to set complex and deadly undercover traps to prevent FBI agents from doing their jobs. work. It wasn’t a joke.”

Mr. has been arrested. Rodvelt was previously in Arizona for illegal possession of explosives.