Individual leper follow-up: The will of kids Aguirre and Balzi wasn’t enough

Lautaro Morales: 5. He didn’t have any major savings, but it offered security. He felt some physical discomfort and decided to continue considering the number of injured in the campus.

Armando Mendez: 4. He guessed hard at times, but Huracan found the blank with Cristaldo and Cabral behind him. He retired injured and looks serious.

Gustavo Velazquez. 5, When Newell was planted in the opponent’s field, he was guiding under pressure in the middle of the field. He walked off the field with a cut on his head and a swollen eye.

Willer Firm. 5.5. He canceled out Matias Cokaro during the entire match. It was his role and he played it well.

Martin Luciano: 4. He faced Gare and was about to be expelled for biting him when he overtook.

Marcos Portillo: 5. He had good stretches in the game, but the team missed his pass to find a place.

John Sforza: 5, At times he was able to thrust himself in the middle of the field and handle the ball at his discretion. He couldn’t translate it into the game’s domain anyway.

Guillermo Balji: 6. Once again he was convinced. He led the team into a transition that could have been dangerous and was close to scoring.

Brian Aguirre: 6. Was not as decisive in his debut, but he scored an acceptable match.

Ramiro Sordo: s/c. He produced one of the clearest shots on the team with a single shot, but his night quickly faded after 25 minutes with his injury.

Jorkef Risco: 5. He was mobile and could score as well, but his goal was denied due to a clear forward position. Sanguinetti turned him into a snap.

logging in

Francisco Gonzalez: 4.5. It does not specify everything to which it is threatened. It finds spaces, it takes advantage of them, but it lacks the final stitch.

Thomas Jacob: 4.5. He was to replace an injured Méndez and deal with two of Huracan’s best, Cabral and Cristaldo.

Juan Manuel García: 4. He returned from his injury and noticed a loss of rhythm. He could not get close to the target.

Pablo Perez: 5. He gave the team dynamics, he fought and became the leader, but he was not precise with the ball.

fasundo mansila, 5, His entry was marred by an injury to Velázquez and he complied with the cancellation of rival centre-attackers.


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