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Monday, March 8, 2021

Indonesia: A volcanic eruption, a river of flowing lava, a smoldering poison smoke, panic among people

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The most active volcano of Indonesia erupted on Wednesday. After the eruption, the Lava River flowed out of a volcanic altitude of 1500 meters and poisonous gases began to leak. Head of the Volcano and Geological Hazard Center of Yogyakarta, Hanik Humaida said that this is the longest lava drift in Mount Merapi after authorities warned of an eruption in the volcano in November.

Hanik Humaida said that the level of warning has been maintained to the second-highest level. He said that the 5 km radius of the crater has been marked as Danger Zone and people have been advised not to enter this area. At the same time, local administration in central Java and Yogyakarta province is closely monitoring the situation. This volcano with an altitude of 2,968 meters is located in a deeply populated area like Java and the ancient city of Yogyakarta.

Indonesia is most threatened by Ring of Fire

This volcano is the most active compared to other volcanoes located in Indonesia. In recent times, there have been frequent explosions in it, due to which there has been leakage of lava and poisonous gas. The last major explosion in Merapi occurred in 2010, when 347 people died. Indonesia, with a population of 27 million, has the highest risk of earthquake and volcanic activity, as it is located close to the ‘ring of fire’ of Pacific.

What is ring of fire

Scientists have named the most earthquake and volcano affected area on Earth as Ring of Fire. This area is located in the region of the Pacific Ocean. 90 percent of all earthquakes in the world fall in this region. There are about 450 active and calm volcanoes in this region. Due to this, the danger of earthquake on the countries located in this region remains constant.

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