Indonesia. The rhino belongs to the endangered species Millennium Group

 Indonesia.  The rhino belongs to the endangered species Millennium Group

And rhinoceros of the sumatra species was born on Saturday at Indonesia the second animal of that species to be born in the country this year and a welcome addition to the animal population that so far it has not reached 50 specimens.

A rhinoceros was called Delilah gave birth to a 25-kilogram male calf at a rhino sanctuary in Way Kambas National Park in the province Lampung at the southern end of the island of Sumatra.

The cub’s father is a rhinoceros named facade who was born in Cincinnati Zoo in 2006. facade This is the last type of rhinoceros Sumatra to return to Indonesia meaning that the entire world population of the Sumatran rhino is now in that country.

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Most of the world’s remaining Sumatran rhinos live Sumatra, many of them in captivity. But they are threatened by the destruction of tropical forests and poachers who sell their horns, which are used as ornaments or for medicinal purposes in China and other parts of ASIA.

“This birth is also the second birth of a Sumatran rhinoceros in 2023. It emphasizes the commitment of the Indonesian government to the preservation of rhinos, especially those of the Sumatra species,” said the Minister of Environment and Forestry in Indonesia in a statement. Nurbaya Bakar.

He added that, thanks to breeding efforts, there are five born Sumatran rhinos in the sanctuary. Way Kambas.

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A sanctuary guard was found Delilah with the puppy by her side on Saturday morning, 10 days before the expected delivery day.

So many Delilah Like their children, they are doing well and the puppy is walking. Shortly after the discovery, she was breastfeeding standing up, according to a statement from Ministry of Environment and Forestry in Indonesia.