INE noted that 60 million pesos were unreported expenses in Morena prison

brunette unreported expenses

The six presidential candidates of the coalition Morena-PVEM-PT They try to hide the costs for 59.6 million pesos to INE, during the selection process of the “defense of transformation” coordinator.

The Technical Inspection Unit of National Electoral Institute (INE) concluded the review of income reports and cost of the selection process that the political parties developed between June and September – before the formal pre-campaign – and concluded that the five candidates and the candidate of the ruling coalition spent 59.6 million pesos more than they reported.

Only in Morena, the unreported costs amounting to 53.5 million pesos. The party announced the INE that 16.5 million pesos were used, but with fees found in the audits of the Technical Control Unit, determined that the total cost of the four applicants is 70.1 million pesos.

It added almost 17 million pesos spent by PT, along with Gerardo Fernández Norona and the PVEM, with Manuel Velasco. In both of them, the Green candidate tried to hide 5.9 million pesos.

Brunette Unreported Expenses

Adán Augusto, the most opaque candidate of Morena in terms of cost

Of all the candidates, the most obscure is the former Secretary of the Interior, Adam Augusto Lopez who reported fees of 3.5 million pesos, he actually spent 26.6 million pesos.

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she former Secretary of the Interior, who came in fourth place in the Morena survey, tried to hide the 17.1 million pesos he will spend on propaganda placed on public roads (spectacular advertisements), which UTF noticed; In addition, he did not report the 5.8 million pesos he spent on major events that could have been thanks to the Unit’s verification visits, and 107 thousand pesos he spent on the Internet without reporting it. .

Adam Augusto Lopez
Amazing Works By Adán Augusto López. Photo: Cuartoscuro/Archive

Claudia Sheinbaum, second place in opacity

It follows the opacity Claudia Sheinbaum, who finally got the presidential candidacy of the ruling coalition. The former head of government reported fees for 4.5 million pesos, and in fact he will spend 21.1 million pesos.

primary unreported expenses of the current presidential candidate of Morena They are involved in conversion events (8.6 million pesos) and public propaganda (7.6 million pesos).

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Claudia Sheinbaum Barda
Photo: Cuartoscuro/Archive

Marcelo Ebrard, third place for not reporting expenses

she former foreign minister Marcelo Ebrard, which came in second place in the survey, reported 4.2 million pesos, but spent more than 14 million. Among the 9.7 million pesos of unreported expenses Highlights include 7.2 million pesos spent on public advertisements, 1.8 million on events and 477 thousand pesos on the Internet.

Rare Ebrard
Photo: Cuartoscuro/Archive

Ricardo Monreal, fourth place with half of the unreported costs

The senator Ricardo Monreal He reported 4.1 million, but in reality he spent 8.2 million pesos. He did not announce the INE 3.2 million pesos in public events, 678 thousand pesos in publicity on public roads and 132 thousand pesos spent on the internet.

Manuel Velasco, fifth on the list

The Green Party candidate, Manuel Velasco, did not report 5.9 million pesos, which is equivalent to the propaganda placed on public roads. And only 3.2 million pesos was reported by the Green Party.

Wonderful Manuel Velasco
Photo: Cuartoscuro/Archive

Gerardo Fernández Noroña, the least opaque

Deputy Gerardo Fernández Norona who was surprised to be placed third in the survey, did not report 283 thousand pesos, most of which was noticed by personnel from INE in the verification visits of their proselytizing events. His party, the PT, reported on INE and funded which is 8.1 million pesos during the internal process.

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What penalties will Morena receive for expenses not reported internally?

The opinion given by the UTF to the electoral advisors who are members of the Supervision Commission of INE It will be discussed and approved by that commission on December 5, and it is expected that the General Council will hear about it in an extraordinary session on December 15.

In these instances, the sanctions to which the political parties involved, who assume responsibility for their applicants, must be subjected, must be established. It is expected that the said penalty will be a financial fine, which may be double the amount involved, that is, the funded not reported in a timely manner.