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Infinite! The importance of goalkeepers in soccer

Have you heard of the best goalkeepers in Mexico, do you know that success is not luck? In order to become more suitable harvesters in the country, they need more intensive training, training, care and commitment; Because they all have these characteristics, their name is among the best in the country.

Join us in our Children’s Supplement and find out why bullying destroys both the aggressor and the victim and learn tips to escape the many traps from that “circle”.

On another note, did you know that there are helpful tools that can help you be a better student? Benefits of ChatGPT; they learn even more about those who travel in the red truck, about fighters, real superheroes.

The door is banging!

Carlos Acevedo, Miguel Jiménez, Luis Cárdenas, Guillermus Ochoa, Rodolfo Cota, Alfredo Talavera and Jesús Corona are names that sound like the best clubs in Mexico; These athletes are not only known in the country, but also abroad, their achievements are highlighted and the way to “cover the goals” is on everyone’s lips.

The analysis of the special pages includes the aspects to save under the three runners that each one of the hot spots where the leader is Acevedo de Santos, followed by colleagues who follow intense preparation, a lot of training and healthy eating to give everything. pitch Do you want to be the best goalkeeper? Go on reading and follow the recommendations.

Sagittarius Characters

Security, which is passed on to the rest of the team

The strength of the mind to face the life associated with the final outcome

Leadership to command and direct others correctly

“Feline” reflexes, reaction speed

Control the height of the ball on the ground and in the air

Exercise, take care of what you eat and keep your body in good condition


Calf armor is distinguished by the use of additional material especially in the shoulders, hands, knees and hips, the function of which it uses is to effectively protect all those parts when the athlete jumps to stop the balls.

I discolor the dress which he wears with the rest of the players, partly to stand out from the rest, partly to defend himself from injury; all participants, including the shoemaker, must wear the following: t-shirt or jersey, shorts, socks, boots and sports shoes. Players are allowed to wear shirts and underpants, but they must be the same color as their outer clothing.

In addition to the basic uniform rules, goalkeepers use jersey colors distinct and different from those associated with both teams and referees. This rule allows officials and players to observe the goalkeeper at all times.

Artificial intelligence ChatGPT … looks like a man

Since they launched last year, people have been talking about it, this model of “sloppy chat” has overwhelmed people with its modern technology; The project was established and is intended for natural conversations and belongs to the research company OpenAI, founded in San Francisco by Sam Altman, Elon Musk, Greg Brockman, Ilya Sutskever and Wojciech Zaremba.

In addition to a pleasant time in which you can ask questions and wait for answers, generate well-written works with a wide range of styles, themes and languages; it also generates summaries, descriptions and stories.

solves problems

Ask questions and generate solutions through answers to different questions

Focused on generating reports, email and content applications for productivity

Analysis analysis is also another use of it

Generate content as if you were a person

Example and function

It can process a large amount of text and learn to process tasks; Its precision in understanding the context and intent behind user questions or queries makes it a useful tool for different businesses.

This grace results from its ability to predict words or sentences that are placed in a certain phrase, which is therefore capable of providing intelligent answers to questions as well as generating content automatically.

Steps to use

The first thing is to go to the OpenAI website

Open a completely free account -registering a mobile phone. (This is to be done by an adult)

Once registered, you need to click on the THEATER tab and you can start with this artificial intelligence.

Insults in school = bullying

The word “bullying” is heard here and there, especially within the school and in the media; This term refers to the harassment and physical and/or psychological abuse that some people inflict on others, which happens in different ways, knowing about them helps the victims to end, either by talking to the staff, the authorities, or the situation. status with someone in your home; Hiding alone makes the problem worse and if you continue to do so something serious can happen; eyes! This does not mean that they fall into the aggressor’s game and think of revenge, communication is at its best.

On the other hand, those who abuse what happens to them and why they do it, ask themselves again and again if someone is making them suffer to make them feel good, if they answer that way, it is more likely that they have emotional problems too. think of them in this way. They also ask for help, because if things get out of control, they may cause irreversible damage for which they have no remedy.

How does it manifest?


Negative about the stalker victim

Exercising power over another in a way that causes the victim to either fear or shame

Hits, threats and threats are ABUSE!

Do you know?


Enjoy the popularity and popularity among your peers

They do not feel guilty feelings

He does not follow the rules

He is aggressive and aggressive

He shows little interest in others


He can be shy and insecure

Have a low self-esteem

few friends

It is sad for a long time

He does not enter into a popular group

Firefighters, superheroes red truck

They are those who are in charge of extinguishing fires and provide assistance, help, and protect the community in accidents or any kind of need, whether from human causes or from nature itself. Knowing when it is necessary to go to them saves lives, in addition to being aware of the great work they do, it helps others to recognize their work.

Those who numb themselves by chance are prepared to take care of themselves at home, therefore they not only put out the fire, but do many other things; They are among the first to come to help; Units constitute the main concern for humans and animals; Among its many functions, they must provide assistance in the event of a shutdown or emergency.

In the sad situations that occur in the world, firefighters will always be there if the movement is made immediately to the most important place. The same in the event of disaster or collapse. They will spend the day looking for people, if necessary. Another of their tasks occurs when transporting toxic or dangerous goods, they will keep them from being inconvenient.

The list of functions performed by a firefighter is long, if a child is alone at home and is in a dangerous place, the police come and in cases, even firefighters; If a person or an animal is caught, these will be the people who go in the red wagon who will begin the work of helping.

Firefighters have a great responsibility, because life is in their hands and on the road they perform their work, which they practice and their own characteristics, being aware of first aid and medical accidents, they also attend courses of aid, e.g. dealing with high mountains and toxic substances, they go to aquatic factories and know how to make knots and nets well.

Knowing the methods of fire extinguishers are essential for the fighters who are the most active people who move quickly when called, it is important to remember that when the pain “siren” of the fire is heard, the people in the cars must “retire” to let them pass, because time is necessary to reach those who are in danger .

How can they help?

-From time to time bring them coffee, snacks, cookies or a rehydrating drink

-Prudence, which is not worth calling for anything, must be urgent.

-If you hear a siren from behind, give way to the fire truck;

-Never obstruct the exit of the station with the car

-Let them go as fast as possible

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