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This Friday, the United States Department of Justice (USA) published a revised version of the legal document that allowed the search of former President Donald Trump’s mansion in Florida in mid-August.

In the document – about 40 pages – it is revealed that the FBI suspected that the former president had kept documents sensitive to the country’s national security in his residence.

In the document, which details the reasons given by the FBI for the search of the Trump mansion, it specified that 14 of the 15 boxes recovered contained classified documents, many of them top secret, newspapers, magazines and magazines. were mixed with correspondence. Miscellaneous employees.

“The government is conducting a criminal investigation into the improper removal and storage of classified information in unauthorized locations, as well as the illegal concealment or removal of government records,” an FBI agent wrote on the front page of the statement. Judge’s nod for a property search warrant cited by Associated Press.

It also reflected the seriousness of the government’s concerns that the documents were illegal.

Notably, within the confiscated boxes, there were 184 confidential documents.

67 of them were marked as confidential; 92, as secret, and 25, as top secret.

“The most important concern was that the highly classified records were mixed with other records” and were not properly identified according to the text.

The Justice Department said it had reasons to keep part of the document a secret, such as the need to protect the identities of witnesses and federal agents who could “retribute, threaten or harass, and even threaten their physical safety.” may be subject to.”

The statement does not include details about the conversations between Trump representatives and the Justice Department in the months leading up to the search, which included a May summons for the record and a June visit to the property by the top official.

Trump, it must be remembered, retained possession of the documents, despite multiple requests from agencies, including the National Archives, to turn over the president’s records in accordance with federal law.

Facing criticism of the raid, Attorney General Merrick Garland said on Thursday that he personally approved the operation and explained that he filed a motion to make the documents of the case public.


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