Infowit: If you have debt and can't pay it off, don't do it, it could lead to trouble!

Infowit: If you have debt and can't pay it off, don't do it, it could lead to trouble!

2/5/2024 · Written at 05:06 in Economy

receive a Infovit credit is a responsibilityIt takes a lot of effort to take it out and cover it up so many times we don't pay attention to it and when you can't pay for it many times they offer you something to avoid it. One must be very careful. Problem.

When you avail a loan from Infovit you are obliged to make all the monthly payments, Until the financing period ends And the loan has been fully repaid and you can say that you already own the property.

But a lot can happen in working life. Unexpected things that may cause you to pause your payments And you may resort to unfair practices or they may offer you options that are outside the law, such as transferring your credit.

Why can't I transfer my Infonavit credit?

If for some reason you face difficulties in making payments and you decide that it would be better to sell your home by transferring your credit to someone else, So that he can complete the payment of the financing And keep your property, be very careful.

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Besides being illegal, this practice can lead you to face problems that you may regret because you could have done it. Commit fraud or make your financial situation more complicated.

Under its rules and regulations, Nor does Infonavit consider transfer figures in any legal document.So anyone who offers this to you or if you agree to do so is committing fraud or fraud.

Transferring credits is prohibited

There is a clause in the Infonavit credit contract that establishes Obligation to pay credit cannot be transferredFrom initiating financing to signing the deed on the home.

If the person with whom you agreed to make the transfer stops making payments Non-compliance with Infonavit will be yours And your credit history will be affected.

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moreover The deed of the house is in your name, Therefore you are responsible to pay property tax.

So before thinking about a transfer, it is advisable that you contact Infonavit and request a payment solution so that you can regularize or restructure your credit. Allows you to continue meeting your monthly payments And keep your home safe.

payment solution

Infovit has various payment solutions This will help you in the following cases:

-I lost my job.

-Cut your salary.

-Accident or illness.

-Delay in monthly payment.

If you wish to request one of these assistances, visit your nearest Infovit Service Center (CSC) or call Infotel (800 008 3900). Or go to My Infonavit Account,

But even with these solutions you don't want Continue repaying the loan or keep your homeYou have the following other options:

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Sale of assets with payment of liabilities, When you sell the property, your debt with Infonavit is covered and you may possibly be able to get some amount on the side. However, it recognizes that, for any type of settlement, the authorization of the institution is necessary.

agreement, In this case, you will repay your loan to Infonavit by handing over the assets to the institution. With this option, the payment obligation ends and ownership of the asset passes to the institution.

receive a Infovit Credit is a responsibility, it takes a lot of hard work to get it And cover it up so much that many times we do not pay attention to it and when you are not able to pay it, many times they offer you something about which you should be very careful so that problems do not occur.



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