Inovance invests in Europe for the long term

Inovance invests in Europe for the long term

Inovance Technology Europe returns to SPS with a bigger presence presenting a series of new success case studies across Europe

The industrial automation company Inovance is back at SPS Nuremberg this year, presenting a series of innovative success case studies across Europe and launching new products for the European market. At last year’s SPS Nuremberg trade show, Inovance highlighted the strong investments it has made, with constant growth in local offices and teams across the continent.

The newly released global portfolio of success stories covers Germany, UK, Italy, Poland, France, Spain, South Africa, Turkey and India, from positive results from rigorous testing to capabilities in the strength of an Inovance PLC developed by a client in Poland, in automotive testing in Germany, printing in Spain, energy recovery in France and 3D concrete printing in India.

In addition, Inovance launched several new SPS products:

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– Two CODESYS motion/PLC controllers: the AM320 and the AM522

– A new EtherCAT spindle drive: the IS650N

– A new EtherCAT servo drive: the SV680N

– A family of linear motors: the LMC series

– A new family of 21″ touch screens: the HP800

– Additions to the GL20 family of I/O modules

Inovance invests in Europe for the long term

As the European face of the fast-growing global industrial automation company Inovance, Inovance Technology Europe has established sales and engineering offices in Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Turkey, as well as a growing network to distributors across the continent.

Inovance is investing in Europe for the long term and is rapidly expanding its European team. As recent case studies show, Inovance’s investment in Europe is paying off, as European customers are increasingly finding that a wide portfolio of high-value products offers the ideal choice for their need to restrict movement.

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In addition to its sales and engineering offices in Bordeaux, Milan, Istanbul and Barcelona, ​​​​​​​​and its European distribution network, the European headquarters in Stuttgart has R&D facilities where local teams of German engineers working to ensure that Inovance products fit local needs in Europe. . markets. Finally, Inovance has also invested in a manufacturing facility in Hungary to better serve its key customers.

On its 20th anniversary, Inovance continues its meteoric global expansion

Founded in 2003, Inovance has seen a meteoric rise, growing from a $95 million business in 2010, the year of its IPO, to a $3.4 billion global industrial automation company by 2022, which is growing annually in revenue of 28%. Its global workforce has grown from just 900 in 2010 to more than 20,000 employees, and it now has products installed in more than 100 countries around the world. Last year, market research firm Interact Analysis released data ranking the company No. 5 of the servo drives and No. 8 of low-voltage drives worldwide by 2021.

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David Bedford Guaus, strategic marketing director for variable speed drives and servos at Inovance Technology Europe, said: “Inovance Technology Europe returns to SPS this year with a greater presence in Europe than in 2022. Our expansion in Europe is unique and achieved through the combination of our best team of expert sales engineers, our strong research and development, developing knowledge of local markets and our comprehensive portfolio of advanced industrial automation solutions. Our range of motion control products, one of the most comprehensive of any company, includes LV and MV AC drives, servos, motion control, PLC, HMI, CNC and robots in industry.