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Insomnia, the silent epidemic that robs seven million Spaniards of their sleep

Seven million Spaniards suffer from chronic insomnia and for a long time and almost Six million take sleeping pills every nightA silent epidemic that has been on the rise over the past century and has been losing an average of two hours of sleep a day since the beginning of the 20th century.

This photo is the one that has forced science to take over the reins. Medical and scientific societies, health professionals, researchers, pharmacists, nurses, and patients have formed the Alliance for Sleep, a group created for the purpose of sleep. put sleeping sickness on the political agenda And raise awareness that sleep is health.

Carlos Egia, President of the Spanish Federation of Sleep Medicine Societies (FESMES), is committed “Raise awareness and spread the word that sleep is health” And not getting enough sleep reduces life expectancy and promotes unhealthy aging.

Egea, who heads the pneumology service and sleep unit of OSI Arabia, acknowledges that it is not known whether poor sleep reduces life expectancy because “it depends on the individual” but that increased co-morbidities has been verified.

a risk factor for serious illness

Indeed, lack of sleep affects mental health to HeartBut metabolic diseaseincreases the tendency to Alzheimer’s why lowers immunity Therefore the risk of infection increases.

Conventional, Says This Sleep Expert sleep between 7 and 9 hours a day But in Spain 60% of the population does not reach seven hours a day during the work week.

Agia explains that “sleep is not like fat, the body doesn’t store it, it’s there day after day.” Therefore, he says, There’s no use sleeping eight hours on Sunday So that Sunday to Monday night becomes ‘jet lag’.

This expert also warned about it use of drugs for sleep such as anxiolytics, hypnotics and benztropine, and is committed to offering alternatives so that once a drug pathway begins, it can be reversed with therapy and, if not, is sought for formulations that contain higher growth is not included.

Laws to Improve Insomnia

From Alianza Por El Sueño, this expert proposes concrete measures that avoid, for example, time changes that affect the biological clock And this bothers him, accustomed to a few hours of light and darkness.

it also offers Outreach campaign in schools that they convey the message that sleeping is healthy and already in the workplace, they propose to legislate on shift work, to assess the suitability of the person performing it.

It also advocates revising ‘prime time’ television schedules, which have maximum viewership between 10:00 pm and 12:00 am and, alongside this, supports sleep hygiene measures.

Perfectionists are more prone to insomnia

alliance for dreams Among its coordinators is Odile Romero, Clinical Head of Neurophysiology and Coordinator of the Sleep Unit at Val de Hebron Hospital and Quiron Salud Hospital in Barcelona, ​​who explains that Most frequent insomnia is psychophysiological Which is diagnosed by consultation.

No tests are needed for this diagnosis, the patient states that it is difficult for him to fall asleep and how the disorder causes a poor quality of wakefulness. at least it does for you three times a week And if it lasts for more than three months, it is chronic. Furthermore, it states that there are some people with character traits develop insomnia.

this is the person’s profile very neat and clean at your job usually a factor that relieves insomnia —such as stress, separation, family problems, job loss or accident—and then it becomes chronic over time.

Though Age increases the prevalence of insomniaIt is not limited to old age only. more often in women, usually appears in the last trimester of pregnancy, after childbirth and with the hormonal changes of menopause. Insomnia also tends to abate in retirement when napping becomes more frequent and can fragment sleep throughout the night.

Treat it when it affects daily life

According to this expert, Sleep problems affect 30-40% of the Spanish population and chronic and prolonged insomnia at 15%. Although it is considered a mental health disorder “It is not schizophrenia” and is treated, he says, when it affects quality of life and can be caused by co-morbidities. “If we take care of our diet and physical exercise, we should also take care of our sleep,” says this solution advocate cognitive behavioral therapy Aided by short duration of pharmacological treatment.

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